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KZ2 Restricted “Top Gun” gives back to the Class

Class stalwart and 2015 ProKart Series leader Garry Cullum and his brother Mike have come up with an assistance15ProKartSeriesKZ2Restricte.gif package to help new class entrants gain confidence and experience the enjoyment of KZ2 Restricted competition.

KZ2 Restricted a class in the popular ProKart Series is designed to meet the needs of new entrants to KZ2 racing who want to focus on driving rather than all the axle and tuning combinations that can make a race weekend a daunting experience for a newbie.

The Class runs on a restricted “hard” axle, one tuning combination that has been designed to be “safe” but fast, a fixed airbox and a weight limit that says you don’t need to be a bantam. 

Garry commented” I raced Yamaha and Rotax heavy for years but got to the point where I wanted something different, I’d looked at KZ2 but since I was too young for masters and too big for KZ2 (I’m 95 kg’s) I didn’t think there was really anything left for me in karting. Then I was approached by Steve Brown about a new KZ2 class where bigger boys like me could race and I thought that sounds amazing. When I was told about the restricted setup I thought that it was a brilliant idea, easier for anyone new getting into karting but still providing a challenge for the more experienced drivers. When I started racing in the ProKart Series all I could say was WOW. The long races, hard & fast competition, great banter with all the boys at the track. This is truly a fantastic series and definitely kept me in karting”.

KZ2 “Open” is a class for the hot shots and young ones who have boundless energy, a better than average budget and a burning desire to knock off class legends Ryan Grant, Graeme Smyth, Daniel Bray but to mention a few of New Zealand’s top Karters.

KZ2 Masters is a class designed for those over the age of 40 who still have the passion for our great sport but want to race on a level playing field of age.

KZ2 Restricted was designed for those who didn’t fit the above 2 options but still wanted a playing field where they could get the buzz from their sport. Typical class entrants are either new to the sport (certainly the class) and want to focus on the racing along with those who may have come from say Rotax Heavies and want a new challenge in their chosen sport.

So what Garry and Mike offering.

“Garry and I want to go ahead with our idea for helping new competitors get into the kz2 restricted class, so we are happy to offer a ProKart marked restricted axle, carb tuning parts (already in a carb to make it easy), a Righetti Ridolfi NOX D30 (19/SA/13) air box and we have some lead weights if required to meet the MAW. Also help for the competitor for the weekend with kart setup, getting them acquainted with the ProKart format and with any issues they may have. Ideally we'd prefer this went to a competitor that hasn't run at this level before.

All Garry and Mike are asking for is a $200 bond which will be fully refundable on the undamaged return of the parts. However they assure you that track side banter and friendly advice will as always be free.

So if that sounds a bit like you and you have a KZ2 and wondering what to do next, then consider this great offer where you can at no cost (don’t bend anything) see what the buzz is all about.

If you are interested, contact Alan Sherris at and he will arrange to put you in contact with Garry and Mike.

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