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The lap records tumbled at the latest round of the 2018/19 Manawatu & TRC Toyota WPKA Goldstar KartSport Series in Hawke’s Bay at the weekend with top local driver Zach Zaloum leading the way.RotaxHeavy-ZachZaloumlr (002).jpg

Zaloum, the reigning 125cc Rotax Max Heavy class NZ Sprint champion was one of two drivers to set new class benchmarks in the Open class Grand Prix race, leaving the Rotax Max Heavy class record for the 678 metre Carter’s Tyres Raceway at Roys Hill at just 32.448 seconds.

New Plymouth driver Brad Still also set a new track lap record for the new Vortex ROK DVS Senior class in the same race, leaving it at just 31.997 seconds.

The new records were two of four set in hot, dry conditions on Sunday.

ClubSport LO206 class ace Brent Melhop from Wellington also lapping the Fernhill, Hastings circuit quicker than anyone else ever has (37.429) in a 4-stroke-powered Briggs & Stratton-engined kart, on his way to a win in his class Grand Prix race.

Leading Hamilton-based Junior Clay Osborne also re-set the 125cc Rotax Max Junior class record in the Junior GP race with a time of 31.98 seconds.

Zaloum, Still and Melhop also dominated the heat races in their respective classes earlier in the day to claim round wins. DVS Jnr - Ben Stewart (002).jpg

Other class wins went to Jacob Cranston (Open) and Andrew Hoare (125cc Rotax Max Light) both from Palmerston North, Stephen Muggeridge from Whakatane (ClubSport 120), William Exton from Picton (125cc Rotax Max Junior), Ben Stewart from Wellington (Vortex ROK DVS Junior), Tom Bewley from Havelock North (Vortex Mini ROK) and Arthur Broughan from Blenheim (Cadet ROK).

Muggeridge, Stewart, Bewley and Broughan also won class GP races. Other GP race winners were Riley Jack (Open) and Jackson Rooney (125cc Rotax Max Light), both from Palmerston North, and Bradley Hewson (125cc Rotax Max Junior) from Rotorua.

CAPTIONS: Class round and GP race winner as well as new class lap record holder at the 2018/19 Manawatu & TRC Toyota WPKA Goldstar Series in Hastings on Sunday, Zach Zaloum from Hastings  (#1 125cc Rotax Max Heavy). Other class winners included Ben Stewart from Wellington (#32 Vortex ROK DVS Junior) and Tom Bewley (#3 Vortex Mini ROK) from Havelock North. Fast Company/Vicky Jack.


2018/19 Manawatu & TRC Toyota WPKA Goldstar Series  RESULTS

1. Jacob Cranston; 2. Nelson Hartley; 3. Ryan Wood; 4. John Wallace; 5. Sam Waddell; 6. Brendon Jury.VMR-TomBewleylr (002).jpg

Open GP
1. Riley Jack; 2. John Wallace; 3. Jacob Cranston; 4. Nelson Hartley; 5. Ryan Wood; 6. Brendon Jury.  

125cc Rotax Max Light
1. Andrew Hoare; 2. Jackson Rooney; 3. Ian Smith; 4. Dylan Anderson; 5. Fletcher Russell; 6. James Higgins.

125cc Rotax Max Light GP
1. Jackson Rooney; 2. Ian Smith; 3. Christian Hermansen; 4. James Higgins; 5. Dylan Anderson; 6. Nathan Dahm

125cc Rotax Max Heavy
1.Zach Zaloum; 2. Adam Bell; 3. Ashley Higgins; 4. Darren Walker; 5. Matt Fox; 6. Simon Wilcox.

125cc Rotax Max Heavy GP
1. Zach Zaloum; 2. Adam Bell; 3. Ashley Higgins; 4. Darren Walker; 5. Matt Fox; 6. Alex Chronis

Vortex ROK DVS Senior & GP
1.Brad Still   

ClubSport 120
1. Stephen Muggeridge; 2. Cliff Walsh;  3. Matthew Couch; 4. Tim Allen; 5. Brent Robinson; 6. Matt Saunders.

ClubSport 120 GP
1. Stephen Muggeridge; 2. Cliff Walsh; 3. Matthew Couch; 4. Tim Allen;  5. Matt Saunders; 6. Scott Dalley.    

ClubSport LO206
1.Brent Melhop; 2. Shaun Croskery; 3. David Sharp; 4. Corrie Mcguigan; 5. Glen Dodd.                      

ClubSport LO206 GP
1. Brent Melhop; 2. David Sharp; 3. Shaun Croskery; 4. Glen Dodd; 5. Corrie McGuigan;

Vortex ROK DVS Junior
1. Ben Stewart; 2. Ayrton Williams; 3. Leo Scott; 4. William Chronis 

Vortex ROK DVS Junior GP
1.Ben Stewart; 2 Leo Scott; 3. William Chronis; 4. Ayrton Williams.            

125cc Rotax Max Junior
1. William Exton; 2. Bradley Hewson; 3. Riley Spargo; 4. James van den Berk; 5. Clay Osborne; 6. Jack Neill.

125cc Rotax Max Junior GP
1. Bradley Hewson; 2. William Exton; 3. Zac Christensen; 4. Bo Hill; 5. Riley Spargo; 6. James van den Berk     

Vortex Mini ROK
1. Thomas Bewley; 2. Blake Dowdall; 3. Louis Sharp; 4. Hayden Lines; 5. Blake Knowles; 6. Kiaihn Burt.

Vortex Mini ROK GP
1. Thomas Bewley; 2. Louis Sharp; 3. Chris White; 4. Blake Knowles; 5. Blake Dowdall; 6. Judd Christiansen.

Cadet ROK
1. Arthur Broughan;  2. Isaac Fletcher; 3. Zach Tucker; 4. William Edmondson; 5. Logan Dowdall; 6. Ethan Sayer.

Cadet ROK GP
1. Arthur Broughan; 2. Logan Dowdall.         

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CALENDAR 2018/19 Manawatu & TRC Toyota WPKA Goldstar Series

Rnd 1 Nov 18 2018 Todd Energy Raceway, Waitara, Taranaki
Rnd 2 March 03 2019 Chemz Raceway Roy's Hill, Hastings, Hawke's Bay
Rnd 3 May 05 2019 George Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Raceway, Kaitoke, Wellington
WPKA Championships June 02 2019 Manawatu Toyota Raceway, Palmerston North, Manawatu

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