Fast-rising young karters Liam Lawson from Auckland and Ryan Wood from Wellington were the big winners at the Lightning Race Gear-sponsored 47th annual Blossom Sprint kart meeting in the Hawke's Bay over the weekend.BlossomRotaxJnrLiamLawson-1.jpg


Both dominated their respective classes, Lawson winning seven of his eight 125cc Rotax Max Junior class races, Wood winning seven out of his eight races in the new Vortex Mini Rok class. Second in Rotax Max Junior was Kaleb Ngatoa from Palmerston North (the only other driver to win a heat), third, Dylan Smith from Auckland and fourth Jarod Fisher from Nelson.


Second behind the rampant Ryan Wood in Vortex Mini Rok, meanwhile, was Callum Hedge from Mount Maunganui, the only other driver to win a race in that class over the two days.


Though both Junior classes (Rotax and Yamaha) were run together, they were scored separately, with Taupo's Trey Nairn earning Junior 100cc Yamaha class honours with four heat wins and able to sit out the final comfortable in the knowledge his score couldn't be beaten.


Jacob Cranston from Palmerston North, who was one of two other heat race winners, was second, with Michael McCulloch from the Kapiti Coast third and former V8 Supercar ace Greg Murphy's son Ronan Murphy fourth. BlossomCadetClayOsborne32LouisRedshaw55.jpg


It was Murphy Jnr's first appearance at a major regional meeting having only taken up the sport since his family's return to New Zealand earlier this year.


Also notable at the meeting was another win in the Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha class for top female driver, Rianna O'Meara-Hunt from Wellington who won her class in the WPKA Championship earlier this year.


She ended up tied on points with Auckland's Sam Wright but took the win (following a great head-to-head battle with Wright in the eighth heat) on count back thanks to her superior win count, three to Wright's one.


It was also close in 125cc Rotax Max Light where Hamilton's Rhys Tinney was one of five different heat race winners with Brad Still the runner-up and third-through-fifth placegetters Jack Bridgman, Corey Green and John Wallace. BlossomRotaxLightRhystinney20leads.jpg


Other class winners over the weekend were Blake Evans (Cadet Raket), Jackson Rooney (Cadet ROK), Dean Oliver (Clubsport 120) and Mark Elder (Open). 


Jackson Rooney was another driver to completely dominate his class and like Trey Nairn he sat out the final heat in his class knowing no one could beat him to the class event win.




125cc Rotax Max Light
1. Rhys Tinney; 2. Brad Still; 3. Jack Bridgeman; 4. Corey Green; 5. John Wallace; 6, Jaden Hardy 42


Cadet Raket
1. Blake Evans; 2. Benjamin Hibbs; 3. Isaac Springett

Cadet ROK
1. Jackson Rooney; 2. Louis Redshaw; 3. William Exton; 4. Clay Osborne; 5. Logan Evans; 6. Bradley Ayers


125cc Rotax Max Junior
1. Liam Lawson; 2. Kaleb Ngatoa; 3. Dylan Smith; 4. Jarod Fisher; 5. Billy Mori; 6. Ashton Grant
Junior 100cc Yamaha

1. Trey Nairn; 2. Jacob Cranston; 3. Michael McCulloch; 4. Ronan Murphy; 5. Bayley Walker; 6. Cameron Spargo

Clubsport 120
1. Dean Oliver; 2. Simon Frater; 3. Cliff Walsh; 4. Brent Robinson; 5. Brendon White 44; 6. Keith Rawlinson .

Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha
1. Rianna O'Meara-Hunt, 2. Sam Wright; 3. Lee Zeltwanger; 4. Callum Hedge; 5. Tom Greig; 6. Adam Bell.


1. Mark Elder; 2. Arie Hutton; 3. Johnathan Pearson; 4. Aaron Marr; 5. Daniel Rine; 6, Tom Curran.


Vortex Mini ROK
1. Ryan Wood; 2. Callum Hedge; 3. Sam Wright; 4, Tom Greig; 5. Ben Morrison; 6. Josh Parkinson



At the 47th Blossom meeting in Hawke's Bay over the weekend were Rotax Max Junior class winner Liam Lawson (#30), Cadet  ROK class competitors Clay Osborne (#32) and Louis Redshaw (#55) and 125cc Rotax Max Light class winner Rhys Tinney (#20). Photo credit: Fast Company/Emilee Wright.


Prepared by FAST COMPANY on behalf of KartSport New Zealand. To find out more about the annual Blossom Sprint Kart meeting in Hawke's Bay tel/txt Ross MacKay on 021 677 919 or via e-mail at


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