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One of the country's top female karters, Madeline Stewart from Wellington, has qualified quickest in the Rotax Max Junior16KSNZSprintNatsMadelineStewartlr-1.jpg class at the Giltrap Group 2016 KartSport New Zealand National Sprint Championship meeting in Hamilton today.

Stewart, 15, was one of nine drivers to claim pole position for their class heats on Saturday or Sunday by setting the fastest lap time over two Time Trials per class today.

While some drivers set their quickest time in the first one and sat out the second, Stewart top-scored in the first session then went even faster in the second to underline her superiority in the Rotax Max Junior class over fellow Wellingtonians Ryan Wood, and one of the country's other emerging female kart aces, Rianna O'Meara-Hunt.

The other female drivers at the meeting also impressed with Breanna Morris from Auckland qualifying fourth in Vortex Mini ROK and Stewart's older sister Ashleigh qualifying 16th in 125cc Rotax Max Light.

In the Senior classes the top qualifiers were Daniel Bray (KZ2) and Mathew Kinsman (125cc Rotax Max Light) from16KSNZSprintNatsCampbellJoyeslr-1.jpg Auckland, Campbell Joyes (125cc Rotax Max Heavy) from Hamilton, Andy Schofield (100cc Yamaha Light) from Cambridge and Taylor Harte (100cc Yamaha Heavy) from Tauranga.

In the other Junior classes the top qualifiers were Joshua Bethune from Dunedin in 100cc Junior Yamaha, Connor Davidson from Hamilton in Vortex Mini ROK, and Kaden Probst from Auckland in Cadet ROK.

Live action from the Giltrap Group 2016 KartSport New Zealand National Sprint Championship meeting in Hamilton this weekend brought to by Spark NZ and Mi Sedaap instant noodles will be available at http://livestream.com/i-filmsport/KartSportNationalSprintChamps2016

 The classes being contested on Saturday are Vortex Mini ROK, Junior 100cc Yamaha, 125cc Rotax Max, 100cc Yamaha Heavy and KZ2.

Sunday they are Cadet ROK, 125cc Rotax Max Junior, 125cc Rotax Max Heavy and 100cc Yamaha Light. 16KSNZSprintNatsDanielBraylr-1.jpg

Spectators are welcome, with action on the track each day between 9.00am and 4.30pm. For more information CLICK HERE. 

CAPTIONS: Three of the top class qualifiers at KartSport Hamilton's Agrisea NZ Raceway today were Wellington's Madeline Stewart (#28), Hamilton driver Campbell Joyes (#95)  and Aucklander Daniel Bray (#1). Photo credit: Fast Company/Graham Hughes



Giltrap Group 2016 KartSport New Zealand National Sprint Championships
KartSport Hamilton's Agrisea New Zealand Raceway Airport Rd Hamilton Thurs-Sun March 24-27 2016



1. Daniel Bray 36.979; 2. Aaron Wilson 37.202; 3. Matthew Hamilton 37.228; 4. Simeon Woolsey 37.652; 5. Rhys Tinney 37.734; 6. Aaron Marr 38.077

125cc Rotax Max Light
1. Mathew Kinsman 39.332; 2. Daniel Connor 39.434; 3. Josh Hart 39.436; 4. Daniel Kinsman 39.481; 5. Dylan Drysdale 39.584; 6. Mitchell Beach 39.673  

125cc Rotax Max Heavy
1. Campbell Joyes 40.279; 2. Simon Hunter 40.394; 3. Ryan Urban 40.438; 4. Samuel Carpenter 40.566; 5. Keith Wilkinson 40.582; 6. Lane Moore 40.654     

100cc Yamaha Light
1. Andy Schofield 41.058; 2. Alex Geary 41.212; 3. Daniel Kinsman 41.233; 4. Mathew Kinsman 41.266; 5. Josh Hart 41.293; 6. Dylan Drysdale 41.516

100cc Yamaha Heavy
1. Taylor Harte 42.077; 2. Ryan Urban 42.084; 3. Simon Hunter 42.245; 4. Darren Aislabie 42.318; 5. Campbell Joyes 42.320; 6. Lane Moore 42.374

Rotax Max Junior
1. Madeline Stewart 39.622; 2. Ryan Wood 39.686; 3. Rianna O'Meara-Hunt 39.727; 4. Tom Greig 39.792; 5. Joshua Bethune 39.803; 6. Callum Hedge 39.805;

100cc Junior Yamaha
1. Joshua Bethune 40.866; 2. Callum Hedge 40.938;3. Tom Greig 41.011; 4. Jaden Ransley 41.039; 5. Samuel Wright 41.156; 6. Kaleb Ngatoa 41.253

Vortex Mini ROK
1. Connor Davison 43.652; 2. William Exton 43.672; 3. Riley Spargo 43.828; 4. Breanna Morris 43.838; 5. Thomas Boniface 43.841; 6. Clay Osborne 43.891     

Cadet ROK
1. Kaden Probst 44.777; 2. Ayrton Williams 44.790; 3. Mason Potter 44.826; 4. Luke Thompson 44.861; 5. Logan Manson 44.877; 6. Liam Sceats  44.939         


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