This year's Mainland Series has come to a successful conclusion with class and club titles decided at the KartSport Canterbury club's annual Garden City Championship meeting in Christchurch over the weekend.16MainlandSeriesJnrRotaxSIJoshuaBethunelr-1.jpg

KartSport Canterbury was the inaugural winner of the South Island Interclub trophy (from KartSport Nelson, KartSport Dunedin and KartSport Southland) while class titles were split three to two between drivers from Christchurch and Dunedin.

Mainland Series honours went to Jarred Cleghorn (ChCh) in Rotax Max Light, Mark Ahlfeld (Dun) in Rotax Max Heavy, Josh Bethune (Dun) in Junior Max, Zac Christensen (ChCh) in Vortex Mini ROK and Louis Sharp (ChCh) in Cadet ROK. 




CAPTIONS: Mainland Series Junior Rotax class winner Joshua Bethune (#SI) on the grid. And the winner of the Vortex Mini ROK Final on Saturday, (#9) Jacob Douglas. Photo credit: Fast Company/Steve King


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