Marr Wins Scholarship

Whanganui Collegiate student Aaron Marr, 17, is the latest karter to win the annual TradeZone/SpeedSport Formula First motor racing Scholarship, continuing an unbroken tradition going back to 2001.

In those 11 years every winner has done some karting, either from an early age and to national level like Josh Hart (2002) and Nick Cassidy (2009), or as a bridge after a start in another discipline like Shane van Gisbergen (2004) and Richie Stanaway (2007).

This year, in fact, karters were first and second, with 15-year-old James Munro from Christchurch taking the runner-up spot.

Founded in 2000 as a joint partnership between Sabre Motorsport and SpeedSport magazine, the scholarship program continues with the support of TradeZone Industrial.

SpeedSport Scholarship

2001 Nic Jordan

2002 Joshua Hart

2003 Mark Russ

2004 Shane van Gisbergen

2005 Andrew Waite

2006 Alastair Wootten

2007 Richie Stanaway

2008 Aaron Hodgson

2009 Nick Cassidy

2010 Hayden Pedersen

2011 Malcolm Finch

2012 Aaron Marr
KartSport New Zealand