KartSport New Zealand is pleased to announce the appointment of Matt Broughan as South Island Executive Member, effective immediately, for the period up until the 2019 National Conference. 

Matt lives in Marlborough with wife Lynne and their three children Maisie 12, Arthur (the karter) 10 and Frank 8.Matt broughan pic2.jpg

The Broughan family has been involved in karting in Marlborough for three years and is really enjoying the journey. Matt is KartSport Marlborough’s Club Captain and plays a key role in the recruitment of new karters and growing the Club. Matt also races a Briggs on dry club days when he is not too busy running Arthur. Lynne is the Club Treasurer and also heavily involved in the running of the Marlborough Club.

Over the last two years KartSport Marlborough has grown from just 12, to now 32 Licenced members.

Lynne and Matt started their business, Liquidaction, out of the back of a Nissan Safari and a garage 8 years ago. They now have 17 staff servicing and suppling a wide range of domestic and commercial water systems around Marlborough along with a full retail shop and workshops in Renwick.

Lynne and Matt also own a half share in Agrvit, a business they invested in and rebranded 2 years ago. This business employs 13 staff and builds and services Cropland sprayers and has various machinery brand dealerships. Agrivit also services a large number of frost fans on a scheduled rotation.

KartSport New Zealand looks forward to having Matt on board in a general governance role as well as providing a focus on growing our grassroots karting in the South Island. Matt’s specific objectives include:

·        Increasing the number of Officials in the South Island by 20%, including by recruiting ex drivers.

·        Growing membership by 15-20% in two years.

·        Making it more affordable for Cadet age group competitors to get started.

·        Growing the credibility of the Briggs & Stratton classes and recognize the contribution these classes are now making to our sport.

·        Improving the communication highway between the Executive and members.


Matt was a candidate at the 2018 National Conference and has indicated that he intends standing again for election at the 2019 National Conference.


Matt’s appointment has been made (under Regulation B11.3.9) to fill the vacancy created by Kent Ramsay’s resignation and is valid until the 2019 National Conference.  



Graeme Moore

National President

KartSport New Zealand