Reigning New Zealand title holders Zach Zaloum and Marcus Armstrong were amongst the 15 class winners at KartSport New Zealand's annual North and South Island Sprint Championship title meetings over Labour Weekend. 13NthIsChampsYamLightRhysTinneyleadsArieHutton-1.jpg


Zaloum, the current New Zealand 125cc Rotax Max Heavy champion, won the North Island title in that class and was challenging for the 100cc Yamaha Heavy one before his kart's engine went off-song at KartSport Wellington's Wynn's Raceway at Kaitoke, while Armstrong, the current New Zealand Junior 100cc Yamaha champion, added the South Island Junior 100cc Yamaha title to his CV at KartSport Southland's Invercargill Oil Shop Raceway at the Sandy Point Domain.


Both meetings were held in cool, changeable weather with rain affecting qualifying and the first heats at the North Island event on Friday and the first heats at the South Island event on Saturday.


Other drivers to claim class titles at the North Island meeting were Mathew Kinsman from Auckland (the defending North Island 13NthIsChampsRotaxHeavyZachZaloumleads-1.jpgchampion) in 125cc Rotax Max Light, Rhys Tinney from Hamilton in 100cc Yamaha Light, Aaron de Ridder from New Plymouth in 100cc Yamaha Heavy, Caleb Cross from Christchurch in Junior 100cc Yamaha, Kaleb Ngatoa from Palmerston North in Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha and Joshua Parkinson from Auckland in Cadet.


Cross's victory comes only weeks after the 13-year-old, the 2012 South Island champion and reigning New Zealand Junior 100cc Restricted class champion, moved up to the Junior Yamaha class yet included lights-to-flag victories and fastest race laps in both the Pre-Final and Final with fellow Christchurch driver Jai Buckley second and Brendon Jury from New Plymouth third.


Kaleb Ngatoa was also a worthy winner of the Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha class crown, though Reece Hendl-Cox made him work for it. Ngatoa led early on only to be passed by Hendl-Cox and it was not until the last lap that Ngatoa was able to wrest the lead back and hold it to the chequered flag.  13NthIsChampsCadetJoshuaParkinsonleads.jpg


For close, exciting racing with the lead often changing several times a lap it was the Cadet class which was hard to beat this year though.


Jackson Rooney from the Manawatu topped the time sheets after the time trials but the heats and Pre-Final were won my local ace Ryan Wood.


That gave him favourite status for the Final but after 20 incredible laps which saw seven different leaders it was Aucklander youngster Joshua Parkinson - who had started the race from P9 on the grid - who was in front when the chequered flag came out with Wood second and Rooney third.




The Cadet class also produced one of the highlights of the weekend at the South Island meeting with 10-year-old Christchurch driver Jacob Mitchell claiming his third consecutive South Island title.13SthIslandsCadetsJacobMitchellleadsLauraMcPhersonandJoshuaBethune-1.jpg


Fellow Christchurch driver Laura McPherson pipped Mitchell for pole position and Dunedin driver Joshua Bethune managed to beat both to the line to win the Pre Final, but it was Mitchell who again won the Final.


In the other classes Canterbury drivers Scott Manson (Christchurch) and Chris Cox (Rangiora) were never far apart, Manson beating defending South Island champ Cox to the 2013 South Island KZ2 class title but Cox returning the favour in 125cc Rotax Max Light with Manson second and defending South Island title holder James Penrose third.


Cox also went up against South Island and current New Zealand title holder Penrose in 100cc Yamaha Light but the result of that class has yet to be finalised.13SthIslandsJunYamaha1MarcusArsmstrongNSRyanMcPherson-3.jpg


Other class winners at the Invercargill meeting were Joshua King from Dunedin in 100cc Yamaha Heavy, Christchurch driver Andrew Downs in 125cc Rotax Max Heavy (with Dunedin's Daniel Harvey second in both) and Reuben Adams from Christchurch in Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha.


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At the North Island title meeting class wins went to Rhys Tinney from Hamilton (100cc Yamaha Light), Zach Zaloum from Hastings (125cc Rotax Max Heavy) and Joshua Parkinson from Auckland (Cadet). Photo credit: Fast Company/Jordan Moss. At the South Island meeting three of the eight class winners were Jacob Mitchell (Cadet), Marcus Armstrong (Junior 100cc Yamaha) and Scott Manson (KZ2), all from Christchurch. Photo Credit: Fast Company/Ian Edwards



2013 KartSport NZ North Island Sprint Kart Championships, Wynn's Raceway, Kaitoke Upper Hutt Wellington Fri-Sun Oct 25-27


125cc Rotax Max Light
1. Mathew Kinsman (Akld); 2. CJ Sinclair  (Akld); 3. Rhys Tinney (Ham); 4. Jack Bridgman (HB); 5. Daniel Connor  (Akld); 6. Travis Day (PN)


125cc Rotax Max Heavy
1.  Zach Zaloum (HB); 2. Teddy Bassick (Taup); 3. Caleb Hartley (Tok); 4. Shaun Reay (HB); 5. Aaron de Ridder (Tar); 6. Alex Griffin (BoP)

100cc Yamaha Light
1. Rhys Tinney (Ham); 2. Maddison Wise (HB); 3. Aaron Marr (Wang); 4. Arie Hutton (Wgtn); 5. Josh Adlam (BoP); 6. Scott Williams (Tar)


100cc Yamaha Heavy
1. Aaron de Ridder (Tar); 2. Caleb Hartley (Tok); 3. Shaun Reay (HB); 4. Alex Griffin (BoP); 5. Charlton Hawes (Wgtn); 6. Zach Zaloum (HB)


Junior 100cc Yamaha
1. Caleb Cross (ChCh); 2. Jai Buckley (ChCh); 3. Brendon Jury (Tar); 4. Jacob Cranston (PN); 5. Zach Thompson (Wgtn); 6. Caleb Huston (Rot)


Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha
1. Kaleb Ngatoa (PN); 2.Reece Hendl-Cox (Ham); 3. Tom Greig (PN); 4. Liam Lawson (Akld); 5. Matthew Payne (Akld); 6. Jarod Fisher (Nel)


1. Joshua Parkinson (Akld); 2. Ryan Wood (Wgtn); 3. Jackson Rooney (PN); 4. Blake Evans (Rot); 5. Billy Frazer (Akld); 6. Thomas Boniface (Tar)


2013 Mainland Karting South South Island Sprint Kart Championships, Invercargill Oil Shop Raceway Invercargill Sat-Sun Oct 26-27

1. Scott Manson  (ChCh); 2. Chris Cox (ChCh); 3. James Munro (ChCh); 4. Jamie Conroy (Inv); 5. Regan Carter (Inv); 6. Regan Freeman (Dun).


125cc Rotax Max Light
1. Chris Cox (ChCh); 2. Scott Manson (ChCh); 3. James Penrose (ChCh); 4. Joshua King (Dun) 5. Dean Sutherland  (ChCh); 6. Liam Young (Dun)


125cc Rotax Max Heavy

1. Andrew Downs (ChCh); 2. Daniel Harvey (Dun); 3. George Keast (Inv); 4. Michael Smith (Inv); 5. Michael Collins (ChCh); 6. Mark Ahfield (Dun)


100cc Yamaha Light

1. James Penrose, 2.Chris Cox, 3. Jamie Conroy, 4.Vaughan Marshall, 5. Scott Waters, 6. Liam Young.


100cc Yamaha Heavy
1. Joshua King (Dun) 2. Daniel Harvey (Dun); 3. George Keast (Inv); 4. Timothy Smith (ChCh); 5. Michael Smith (Inv); 6. Richard Chadwick (Dun).


Junior 100cc Yamaha
1. Marcus Armstrong (ChCh) 2. Ryan McPherson (ChCh); 3. Trey Nairn (HB); 4. Jordan Michels (Inv); 5. Aleesha Morton (Inv); 6. Brock Wills (Inv)


Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha

1. Reuben Adams (ChCh); 2. Luca Burns (Inv); 3. Jayde Smith (Inv); 4. Joshua Bethune (Dun); 5. Zachary Hamilton (Inv); 6. Logan Thompson (Inv)


1. Jacob Mitchell (ChCh); 2. Laura McPherson (ChCh); 3. Joshua Bethune (Dun); 4. Tyson Bone (Dun); 5. Jack Martinac (Dun) 6. Jack Cayford  (Dun).


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