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2013 was a good year for new Cadet Age Group competitors joining the sport. 60 new Cadets signed up, the highest number for at least 4 years (2012 = 44, 2011 = 54, 2010 = 44).
The growth in new Cadet members over the last two years has more than made up for the decline in new Senior Age Group members. New Junior Restricted and Junior Age Group numbers have remained static during this period.

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New Cadet Trends

The monthly new Cadet trend line since October 2009 is on an upward slope with average new members per month rising from 3.8 to 4.7 over the 50 month period.

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New Junior Restricted & Junior Trends

Both the new Junior Restricted and new Junior monthly trend lines have trended downwards over the 50 month period. However over the last 24 months both trend lines have been flat.


New Senior Trends

The monthly new Senior trend line since October 2009 is on an downward slope with average new members per month falling from 9 to 7.5 over the 50 month period.

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New Members by Club

New Licenced members by Club comparison 2012 v 2013 shows continuing strong performances by KartSport Mt Wellington and KartSport Wellington which have worked Have A Go Days hard over the last couple of years. Also a good lift in new members at Dunedin and Southland with growth in new Licenced members also reflected in total Licenced membership at these two Clubs. (Dunedin +22%, Southland +10% over the last three years.)

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New Member Source

Each new Licenced member notes on the application form "Where they first heard about karting". The result for 2013 is reasonably consistent with previous years with Friends and Family being the key connection (which is understandable as the key is getting to try the sport in someone else's equipment). However Have A Go Days and the KartSport New Zealand website are also important references.

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The growth in new Cadet members and the flat lining of new Junior Restricted and Junior members is reflected in the static total membership of these three classes combined over the last two years. However the Senior membership number is being seriously eroded by both falling retention of existing Senior members plus the decline in new Senior members. This fall has been especially noticeable as the Senior Yamaha classes have declined in popularity.

NOTE: Most of the above information is provided to Club Committees via the ClubsShareSite and to the karting trade as part of the Monthly Membership Reports.

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