After many years of hard work and perseverance we have finally claimed our right to a ‘B’ track rating. 

Today marked the signing off of our ‘B’ track and complex rating by KartSport New Zealand track inspector Brucetokoroa track.jpg Cawood. Bruce was rapt to be signing off his first ever track upgrade [surprising, after all his years in the sport] and said of the facility “you guys can be very proud of the hard work you have done…this is a bl#&*y brilliant facility, especially given it’s a small town…congratulations”.

The drive behind getting the B rating is so that we can provide another fast, undulating, technical track to the list of tracks licensed to host two major New Zealand events – the North Island Championships and the New Zealand Schools Championships. Not only great for the Club but great for Tokoroa, Taupo and the South Waikato/Central Plateau regions. Also, the spin off from the desire to be B rated is the continual reinvestment and development in the facility that has been a focus of the club…something that may not have been achieved had the goal of a B rating not been there.

Around 10 years ago there was a vision to take the small 300 odd metre track and extend it out to 765 metres and redevelop all the grid area, tech buildings and pit sites. In 2009 they opened the new extended track and over the years we have added the new dummy grid, new holding area, new tech shed complete with new scales, storage, technical inspection and undercover area, refurbished grandstand, new ripple strips, smoothing out and re-grassing of bottom part of the track, upgraded fencing, new parc fermé, 15 new 6m x 6m concrete pit sites, redeveloped pit site area to the south of the clubhouse, additional concrete, fencing, gates, and bang bags for the reverse [anti-clockwise] direction license, kart recovery trailer, electronic lap board, new standing start lights, standing start approval both directions, upgraded and underground wiring throughout, new mower, new council access road around the perimeter of the bottom area, and most recently [last month] newly altered and lined stewards room.

I want to say HUGE thank you to our dedicated and hardworking committee, both past and present, and also to all those that have given up their time and money through donations over the past 8 or so years. Too many names to mention, and many who have contributed I wouldn’t know anyway, but just to name a few…[forgive me if I have not mentioned you] – the Tremain family in particular Glenn [Junior] who over many years as President organised working bees, worked on his own, bought materials, organised most of that list above, Denise Tremain, the late Glenn [Snr] and Phoebe Tremain, The Tyrrell family, the McIntosh family, Sheryl McIntosh [our grants queen], Bruce Southwood, Graham & Kaye Lambert, Russell & Gaye Hoskins and family, Peter Luyten [all the electrical work!], Shaun Spence [stewards room – nailed it [excuse the pun!]], Lars Andersson, The Bass family, Greg Neaves, Charles Lockington, Norm Dodunski and of course our great current committee Glenn Tremain, Marin Vujcich, Gaye Hoskins, Russell Hoskins, Jim McIntosh, Graham Lambert, Shaun Spence, Cheryl Ingram, Eric & Janine Bass and Peter Luyten.

Let’s not forget either, you the drivers, with your supporting pit crew and family – the ones who pay the membership and entry fees so we can continue to reinvest and develop our great facility – thank you heaps.

Also, the great volunteers who run our race days – Kartsport officials Alan Sherris, Graeme Spence, Jim McIntosh, Danny McCort, Norm Dodunski, Johnny Bassick, John Terry [plus all the others we have had in the past], Karen Tyrrell in the chook house keeping score, Sheryl McIntosh our chick on the pit gate, Cheryl Ingram our dedicated First Aider, our machine examiners and Marin for organising all of the above – THANKS HEAPS – without you we cannot operate a race day!

BUT WAIT, there’s more! What’s in store for this year? We are currently working on a new official notice board complete with electronic timing and class order board, new changing room, new PA system, new maintenance area, new start lights, wireless flag-point lights, and more pit sites.

By being members, or racing here, or both, you keep us in funds so we can continue to upgrade our great facility – keep coming, it’s well worth it – a friendly, fun, competitive race day knowing you are contributing to an even greater Kartsport Tokoroa…see you soon!

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