Junior drivers Kaleb Ngatoa and Maddie Wise were the standout performers in the 2012/13 Supreme Kart Supplies' Wellington Provincial Karting Association (WPKA) Gold Star series this season. 106 individual entrants ensured highly competitive racing throughout all classes.1213WPKAJunYamMaddieWise-1.jpg

Ngatoa, 12, from Marton won his class - Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha - at all four rounds of the 2013/13 series, while Wise, 15, from Napier won the Junior Yamaha class at three of the four rounds and finished second at the other. 

This season's series kicked off at Palmerston North in November last year before subsequent rounds in Taranaki in December, Hawke's Bay in March and Wellington in May.

This puts NZ#2 Kaleb Ngatoa's feat of winning his class at all four points rounds in perspective and the young Manawatu driver was given a special award at the prize giving ceremony in Waitara on Queen's Birthday weekend for being the only entrant to score a perfect 240 points.

WPKA President, Wayne Zaloum was on hand to present the trophies and invited all competitors to return for the 2013-14 season. Wayne said, “This has been a hugely successful series with many ‘stand out’ performances. And while the Gold Star series can’t take place without the competitors, the WPKA relies on the awesome support of its sponsors. We thank Supreme Kart Supplies, Manawatu Toyota, Right Karts, Refined Concrete and Flooring, Kiwi Karts, ORG, and Napier Collision Repair for maintaining there support. Over $15,000 in cash, vouchers and prizes has been returned to the entrants during this series. And Pub Charity funded the trophies at each round which meant we had that base covered this season as well.”

Former New Zealand Cadet and Junior Restricted 100cc class champion Maddie Wise (238) and Cadet class winner Jackson Rooney (235) from the Manawatu, were not far off though, Wise winning at Palmerston North, Taranaki and Hawke's Bay then finishing second at the Wellington round.

Rooney,  in turn, won his class at two of the four points rounds (Palmerston North and Taranaki) and finished second to KartSport Manawatu clubmate Sam Wright in Hawke's Bay then third behind New Plymouth driver Thomas Boniface and Wellingtonian Ryan Wood at the final.

In the Senior classes there was a rare dead-heat in 125cc Rotax Max Light with Jack Bridgeman from the Hawke's Bay and Ben Thom from Taranaki sharing first place on 226 points. 

Neither won a round - those honours shared by Brendon Hart, Aaron de Ridder, Jonathan Pearson and Campbell Caird - the pair's points instead coming from consistency with both scoring a second, a third, a fourth and a fifth. 

In the other Senior classes, Taranaki's Brad Still won Yamaha 100cc Light from KartSport Taranaki clubmates Scott Williams and Logan Boyde with two wins and two fourths while a win at the third round at Hawke's Bay gave Clint Beaumont from Palmerston North a two point edge over Taranaki driver Gary Soper in Clubsport 120.

Four Grand Prix races (Cadet, Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha,  Junior and Senior) were also held at each meetinng and points tallied for separate Grand Prix awards.

These went to Scott Williams (Senior),  James Webb from the Manawatu (Junior), Kaleb Ngatoa (Junior  Restricted 100cc Yamaha) and Thomas Boniface from Taranaki (Cadet).

Planning has already well in hand for the 2013/14 series with dates and venues as follows;

Supreme Kart Supplies 2013/14 WPKA Gold Star Series
Rnd 1 Nov 03 2013 Palmerston North
Rnd 2 Dec 01 2013 Wellington
Rnd 3 March 02 2014 Hastings
Rnd 4: May 04 2014 Waitara

RESULTS: Supreme Kart Supplies 2013 Wellington Provincial Karting Association (WPKA) Championship

Series points
125cc Rotax Max Light
1=. Jack Bridgeman (H/Bay) & Ben Thom (Tara) 226 points; 3. David Cox (Tara) 311; 4=. Dominic Crossman (H/Bay) & Morgan Dietschin (Tara) 208; 6. Darren Conway (Wgtn) 205

100cc Yamaha Light
1. Brad Still (Tara) 232 points; 2. Scott Williams (Tara) 228; 3. Logan Boyde (Tara) 221; 4. Hamish Berrett (Mwtu) 219

ClubSport 120
1. Clint Beaumont (Mwtu) 226 points; 2. Gary Soper (Tara) 224; 3. Derek Lawrence (Tara) 223; 4. Henri Ham (Mwtu) 219; 5. Garth Lacey (Tara) 200; 6. James Higgins (Mwtu) 168

Senior GP
(Rotax & Yamaha)
1. Scott Williams (Tara); 2. Dominic Crossman (H/Bay); 3. Brad Still (Tara); 4. Charlotte Oram (Wgtn); 5. Ben Thom (Tara); 6. Patrick Davy (Wgtn).

Junior 100cc Yamaha
1. Maddison Wise (H/Bay) 238 points; 2. James Webb (Mwtu) 222; 3. Taylor Harte (Mwtu) 220; 4. Matthew Podjursky (Tara) 215; 5. Michael McCulloch (Mwtu) 212; 6. Travis Day (Mwtu) 209.

Junior 100cc Yamaha GP
1. James Webb (Mwtu), 2. Sebastian Bainbridge (Tara); 3. Taylor Harte (Mwtu); 4. Michael McCulloch (Mwtu); 5. Brendon Jury (Tara); 6. Maddison Wise (H/Bay).

Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha
1.  Kaleb Ngatoa (Mwtu) 240 points; 2. Nicholas Evans (Mwtu) 225; 3. Bayley Walker (Mwtu) 222; 4. Rianna Omeara-Hunt (Wgtn) 220 5. Josh Donohue (Wgtn) 218; 6. Zane Riddick (Tara) 211.

1. Kaleb Ngatoa (Mwtu); 2. Nicholas Evans (Mwtu); 3. Bayley Walker (Mwtu); 4. Rianna Omeara-Hunt (Wgtn); 5. Josh Donohue (Wgtn); 6. Ryan Jury (Tara).

1. Jackson Rooney (Mwtu) 235 points; 2. Thomas Boniface (Tara) 229; 3.  Samuel Wright (Mwtu) 219; 4. Riley Jack (Mwtu) 211; 5. Ryan Wood (Wgtn) 209; 6. Ethan Donohue (Wgtn) 205

Cadet GP
1. Thomas Boniface (Tara); 2. Sam Wright (Mwtu); 3. Ryan Wood (Wgtn); 4. Jackson Rooney (Mwtu); 5. Ethan Donohue (Wgtn); 6. Riley Jack (Mwtu).

Napier driver Maddie Wise was one of the class winners in this season's Supreme Kart Supplies WPKA Gold Star series. Photo credit: Fast Company/Lydia Frere

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