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W.P.K.A is proud to announce a new partner and sponsorship agreement for the upcoming 2014-2015 W.P.K.A GoldStar series. The new series will be known as the BAYLEYS W.P.K.A GoldStar Series and is due to commence towards the end of the year. 

Bayleys is New Zealand’s largest full-service real estate company. They offer expertise in the marketing and sale of a wide range of property, including residential real estatefarms and lifestyle blocks, and commercial and industrial property. This includes tourism and leisure assets such as hotels and motels as well as a range of businesses for sale.  They also cover the real estate markets in Fiji and other Pacific Islands.

Bayleys also provides a complete property and facilities service including property management and valuations teams. No other real estate company can match the breadth of coverage across all market sectors throughout New Zealand. Check them out now at www.bayleys.co.nz

Remember karters; it’s only through your ongoing support of our sponsors that we can continue to run the W.P.K.A series and race.  Think seriously about your responsibility and ability to use their services.

W.P.K.A would like to extend its sincere gratitude and appreciation from all the regions karters to Maurice and Kane Frost at Supreme Kart Supplies, the outgoing ‘major sponsors’.  These guys have supported the series over many years and without them the series would not have continued to run.  Next time you see them, remember to show your personal appreciation also.

The great news for W.P.K.A is that they are not lost to the series, and have pledged their continued support in a new role for the upcoming series - news on this to be released soon.

You can keep up to date with all the new and exciting developments for the BAYLEYS W.P.K.A GoldStar Series and BAYLEYS W.P.K.A Championship by signing up and hitting “like” on the Facebook page GoldStar Series” now.

Series Event Page HERE

There are exciting changes afoot  – it's a series that you will surely want to be part of.  

Release from Martin Hunt, WPKA

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