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ProKart Launch Affordable KZ2 Chassis

With a high interest in KZ2 second hand packages lately and the number of enquiries being made about the 2017 ProKart Series, never has there been a better time than now to announce the arrival of the new - Best kart picture.jpg

Made in Italy by karting component giant AMV this new well constructed chassis is now available at a price of $ 4500.00 plus gst to you. And although out of Europe, never have we seen such a well-priced option for those who are looking for an alternative chassis to the major brands.

With 4 chassis landed on NZ soil to date look out for the Best Kart hitting the track soon.

To complete this package if we were to bolt on the latest TM KZ10C at a price of $5800.00 plus gst and add $1200.00 plus gst for the associated pumps, radiator, air box etc this complete new package is available for $11500.00 plus gst today.

So with only 16 weeks until ProKart begins and if you are unsure on your path for 2017 then KZ2 could complete your adrenalin rush.

So contact the team at ProKart for all enquiries on KZ2.

Steve Brown 021918270

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