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Promoter Steve Brown of S B Promotions has announced the team at ProKart will be offering the new Cadet ROK class the exciting opportunity to compete in the ProKart series for 2015. Steve Brown, the man behind the shifter series dating back to 2000, is confident 14SchoolsPreviewCadetROKJacksonRooney-1.jpgthis will be another success story such as KZ2 Masters and the newly formed KZ2 Restricted. Not only will the Cadet ROK drivers be racing at the same venues as the country's elite but they in turn will endure the challenging race distances the same as all series classes.

When asking Steve his thoughts on the Cadet ROK being still in the phase-in stage and whether he would secure the required numbers he was very well grounded with his reply . “The ProKart Series has a high price tag on entry and travel, far higher than Top Half or Goldstar Series, and with its 6 rounds scattered throughout the North Island, the race distances and atmosphere of the premium series is hard to beat. To emerge the winner or even in the top six after 6 rounds with no dropped heats is some accomplishment. In my eyes a true champion”.

He was quick to state that the team at ProKart aren't there to discourage competitors from other Series but merely offer this opportunity and commented time will tell whether it has merit.

When asking Ryan Grant (one of the ProKart Series highest profile drivers) his thoughts on the Cadet ROK class to run alongside the KZ2 classes, his response was “It will be cool to have them as part of ProKart and they will enjoy the challenges that ProKart offers”.

International competitor Daniel Bray was also in favour of the introduction as it was providing his Cadet ROKs the experience of being in the GP race team throughout the series.

With the Rotax Challenge hoping to introduce DD2 and ProKart introducing Cadet ROK, Brown was asked for his thoughts on possible time restraints for 2015. “Yes there will be changes that both series promoters are structuring as we speak and we both are working with Permits Manager John Lennox on a final programme for a timed event. Each round for both series competitors will be equivalent to a Nationals and so both promoters are aware they need to maintain this challenge.

When Brown was asked of the one ingredient needed to make the introduction of Cadet ROK a success he was quick to respond - “The trade. We sometimes forget how important our partners in the trade are to the wellbeing of Karting as they all want to see their customers participate and achieve at the highest level”

Finally Steve Brown’s final comments are. “To not test the waters only encourages a stagnant pond - to not offer opportunity only discourages change - and without change how do we go forward”.  



Cadet ROK driver Jackson Rooney (#30)  Photo credit: Fast Company/Emilee Wright.


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