Daniel Bray, Matthew Hamilton and Marcus Armstrong have proved to be the quickest of the Kiwis at the rain-hit 17th annual SuperKarts USA (SKUSA) SuperNationals meeting in Las Vegas with qualifying and the first run of heats just completed.13SKUSASuperNatsDanielBrayS1-1.jpg


Leading the way after qualifying was young-gun Armstrong, 13, from Christchurch, who set the second quickest time in the S5 Stock Moto class. Next best was fellow Christchurch driver Hamilton - who was the third quickest qualifier in the S4 Masters Stock Moto class before going on to win his first heat, then Auckland international Daniel Bray who set the sixth quickest qualifying time in the Premier S1 Stock Moto class before finishing fifth in his first heat, third in his second and second in his third.


Rain continues to play havoc at the meeting, which - with over 600 drivers entered - is the biggest annual kart event on the global calendar.


At previous SuperNationals meetings it has been the searing desert heat which has been the issue, one of the reasons few teams had enough wet weather tyres to go around with 96 competitors not allocated any at all.13SKUSASuperNatsJordanMorrisrain-1.jpg


Included in that number was one of the members of the nine-strong Kiwi contingent, Jordan Morris, who ended up sitting out two of the three practice heats on Thursday as well as qualifying on Friday, meaning he was listed as qualifying in 56th place and started his first heat from P25.


Fortunately by this stage his team had managed to source some wet weather tyres on which he produced one of the drives of the day to finish fourth.


Of the other Kiwis, Mark Swetman from the Bay of Plenty qualified 11th and finished eighth in the first S4 Masters Stock Moto heat, Snow Mooney qualified 37th and finished 13th in his first S4 Masters Stock Moto heat, Logan Brown qualified 24th and finished his first S5 13SKUSASuperNatsMarcusArmstrongHS-1.jpgStock Moto class heat 11th, Warren Parris (all three from Auckland) qualified 61st and finished his first S4 Masters Stock Moto heat in 32nd position. and Josh Bethune from Dunedin qualified 68th and finished his first TaG Cadet heat in 38th position


Kiwi karters Daniel Bray (3), Jordan Morris (19NZ) and Marcus Armstrong (9NZ) are contesting the 17th annual SKUSA SuperNationals meeting in Las Vegas this week and weekend. Photo credit: Fast Company/Ash Budd


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