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Palmerston North Boys High School is officially New Zealand's winningest KartSport school, students Dylan Drysdale and 14SchoolsFormulaJuniorDylanDrysdale-1.jpgJacob Cranston having earned it a record fourth Secondary Schools title at this year's Toyota Racing New Zealand-backed KartSport New Zealand National Schools' Championship at home in Palmerston North over the weekend.


Students won the school the premier Secondary Schools' title for the first time at the third annual KartSport New Zealand National Schools title meeting in 2005 and since then the Manawatu school has held it three more times, in 2010, 2012 and now 2014.


Schools from Invercargill in the south to Auckland in the north were represented at the weekend meeting, hosted by the school and KartSport Manawatu at the club's Manawatu Toyota Raceway in Shirriffs Rd.


Dylan Drysdale was one of seven individual class title winners at the meeting, leading home schoolmates Jacob Cranston and Michael14SchoolsCadetRaketJacobMitchell-1.jpg McCulloch in the Formula Junior class on Saturday. It was close too, with just one point separating Drysdale and Cranston after each won two heats but Drysdale won the final from Cranston and Hawke's Bay driver Taylor Harte.


Michael McCulloch was in the mix for a top two spot having claimed two seconds and two thirds to start the final heat from P2 on the grid. But he spun on the rain-dampened track surface and had to work his way back up through the field to cross the finish line in a 'what-might-have-been' ninth place.


Drysdale and Cranston also featured in the Junior 100cc Yamaha class results on Sunday, finishing second and third respectively behind class winner, Taupo Nui-a-Tia College driver Trey Nairn. Again it was close, Drysdale winning two of the heats and Cranston the final, but Nairn got it but two points from Drysdale with Cranston a further point back.14SchoolsJnrRestrictedLiamLawson-1jpg.jpg 


Other class title winners over the two days were Christchurch's Jacob Mitchell, the reigning and three-time South Island class champion, in Cadet Raket, Ryan Wood from Wellington in Vortex Mini ROK, Connor Davison from Hamilton in Cadet ROK, Liam Lawson from Pukekohe in Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha and CJ Sinclair from Auckland in 125cc Rotax Max Light.


Mitchell, from Clearview Primary School in Rolleston, south of Christchurch, won three of the four heats and the final to claim top honours in the Cadet Raket class from reigning class NZ Sprint champion Thomas Boniface from Woodleigh School in New Plymouth, and Connor Davison from Newstead Model Country School near Hamilton


It was closer at the front in the new Vortex Mini ROK class, with Ryan Wood (representing Birchville School, Wellington) claiming just the14SchoolsRotaxLightCJSinclair-1.jpg one win in the heats on top of his final win for overall victory from Jaden Ransley (St Thomas' of Canterbury) and Tom Greig (Palmerston North Normal Intermediate).


While most of the racing was conducted on a dry track some rain did fall over the weekend, with the 125cc Rotax Max class final heat run in wet conditions with the drivers on wet tyres.


Wet or dry it didn't seem to matter to eventual title winner CJ Sinclair from Auckland's Howick College, the only driver to win two heats, including the wet final. Second overall was Campbell Joyes from Hamilton's St Johns College, with Liam Young representing Mosgiel's Taieri College, flying the flag for the lower South Island drivers, in third.



Formula Junior class winner Dylan Drysdale (#30) from Palmerston North leading one of his heats. Cadet Raket class winner Jacob 14SchoolsCadetROKConnorDavison-1jpg.jpgMitchell (#SI) from Christchurch. Junior restricted 100cc Yamaha class winner Liam Lawson (#1),125cc Rotax Max Light winner CJ Sinclair (# 9), Cadet ROK winner Connor Davison (#95) and Vortex Mini ROK winner Ryan Wood (#40). Photo credit: Fast Company/Graham Hughes




2014 Secondary Schools Teams Championship

Palmerston North Boys High School

(Jacob Cranston & Dylan Drysdale)


2014 Primary/Intermediate Schools Teams Championship

Palmerston North Normal Intermediate/Newbury School 14SchoolsVortexMiniROKRyanWood-1.jpgPalmerston North

(Tom Greig & Jackson Rooney)

Bruce McLaren KartSport Awards
Dylan Drysdale and CJ Sinclair

Cadet Raket
1. Jacob Mitchell 4 points; 2. Thomas Boniface 10; 3. Connor Davison 14; 4. William Exton 19; 5. Jackson Rooney 23; 6. Clay Osborne 24

Vortex Mini ROK
1. Ryan Wood 11 points; 2. Jaden Ransley 13; 3. Tom Greig 15; 4. Riley Jack 20; 5. Josh Donohue 20; 6. Dylan Frere 27 


Formula Junior
1. Dylan Drysdale 5 points; 2. Jacob Cranston 6; 3. Michael McCulloch 10; 4. Kaleb Ngatoa 16; 5. Ayden Polaschek 20; 6. Maddy Stewart 23 


Cadet ROK

1. Connor Davison 12 points; 2. Thomas Boniface 14; 3. Cullern Thorby 19; 4. Jacob Mitchell 19; 5. Billy Frazer 19; 6 William Exton 19


Junior 100cc Yamaha
1. Trey Nairn 8 points; 2. Dylan Drysdale 10; 3. Jacob Cranston 11; 4. Ayden Polaschek 13; 5. Suvarn Naidoo 16; 6. Kaleb Ngatoa  22


Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha
1. Liam Lawson 8 points; 2. Tom Greig 8; 3. Lee Zeltwanger; 4. Ryan Wood 16; 5. Joshua Parkinson 20; 6. Sam Wright 21


125cc Rotax Max Light
1. CJ Sinclair 7 points; 2. Campbell Joyes 9; 3. Liam Young 15; 4. James Blair 16; 5. Josh Adlam 17; 6. Bill McCulloch 22


2003 Rangitoto College, Auckland

2004 St Kentigern College, Auckland

2005 Palmerston North Boys High, Palmerston North

2006 Waimea College, Nelson

2007 St Kentigern College

2008 St Andrews College, Christchurch

2009 St Andrews College, Christchurch

2010 Palmerston North Boys High, Palmerston North

2011 Auckland Grammar School, Auckland

2012 Palmerston North Boys High, Palmerston North

2013 Burnside High School, Christchurch

2014 Palmerston North Boys High, Palmerston North



2003 Rangeview Intermediate, Auckland
2004 Waimea Intermediate, Nelson
2005 Marina View School Auckland
2006 Russley Primary & St Kentigern Intermediate ChCh & Auckland
2007 Albany Primary, Auckland
2008 Waikari School and Kaikorai Valley College, Dunedin
2009 Newbury School, Palmerston North
2010 Taradale Intermediate, Napier
2011 Windsor Primary/Chisnell Wood Intermediate, Christchurch
2012 College Street Normal School Palmerston North
2013 Medbury School, Christchurch

2014 Palmerston North Normal Int & Newbury Primary School, Palmerston North


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