Ryan Wood Takes On 104 Mini Rokkers


This weekend the 2014 National Schools Vortex Mini ROK Champion, Ryan Wood, will race in a field of 105 at the 2014 edition of the ROK Cup International Final being contested at Lonato, Italy. Ryan earned this opportunity as a result of his 2014 NZ Schools woodrokcuplineup14.jpgChampionship class victory. Release from Vortex below.


That the numbers are really heavy and that the organization is in full swing was said already. But we wish to emphasize the greatness of the Rok Cup International Final 2014, pointing out some numbers: 312 Rokkers at the start, 105 Mini Rok, 5 categories, 35 countries and 5 continents.

Is anybody able to find a more impressive and spectacular karting event than our Rok Final?!


The Rok Cup International Final gains record after record, starting with the number of drivers, 315 this year, well, at the start.

Rokker drivers represent all five continents and 35 countries. Let's see which countries are present:

Asia: China, Japan, UAE, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore and South Korea.

America: Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and the United States.

Africa: South Africa and Zimbabwe

Oceania: Australia and New Zealand

Europe: Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Israel, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Italy



We cannot imagine who will win the title in each category, but we know for sure that at the track there will be previous winners of the titles, Nicola Abrusci (Mini Rok), Alessandro Di Cori (Junior Rok), Riccardo Cinti (Super) and Paul Bonetti (Shifter). The only one absent is the Swiss Stefan Bar, Rok Champion in 2013. 

The roll of honor of the event by Vortex tells us how in the early editions, from 2003 until 2007, winners were Rokkers from all over the world, such as the strong Czech Patrik Hajek and the German drivers Ken Allemann and Christian Wangard, not to mention the formidable South Africans Kyle Mitchell and Wesleigh Orr.

Since 2007 there has been a trend inversion, with Italians who began to monopolize the top step of the podium, with Brotto (Mini Rok) and Pagani (ROK).


SUPER ROK. So in recent seasons those who dictated laws in the Super category were Alessandro Vantini (2008-2009), Cristopher Zani (2011-2012) and Riccardo Cinti (2013), with the first two able of gaining two victories each.

Also in this category the only one who broke the Italian law was Wesleigh Orr (former champion Rok 2004), which proved to be formidable with the track flooded and won in the 2010 final.

The first two winners of Super Rok category were a German and a Swiss, Christian Wangard (2006) and Raphael Rogenmoser (2008).


ROK. In the Rok class the two latest winners were Bar (2013) and the young South African Nathan Parkins. The latter will be on the trackrwoodthumbs up.jpg in the forthcoming edition with the Rok Shifter, to try the difficult feat, but not impossible of winning in two different categories the Rok International Final.


JUNIOR ROK. Alessandro Di Cori, champion in force, comes back on the track more determined than ever thanks to excellent results, even in 2014.

Among the most formidable rivals, there will be the Swiss Jean Luyet and Michael Müller, many of the Italians, led by national champion Domenico Cicognini. Not to be underestimated will be the United States patrol, led by Jose Luis Forteza III, Ryan Norberg and Jacobo Camacho and the ever-competitive South African one, with Janson Smith, Luke Hill and Stuart White.

The Junior class is unpredictable, given the age of the young Rokkers that can even improve in a few months and do good performances in a short time.


MINI ROK. Nicola Abrusci will try to gain once more the Mini Rok title, a challenge that until only Brotto have won, champion in 2007 andryanwoodkart setup.jpg 2008.

To contend for the title of Abrusci there will be the world's best Mini Rokkers. Among these there are the Italian Rok champion Marseglia and the area champions Placa(Northern Italy), Cecchi (Central Italy) and Cutaia (Southern Italy).

The name of the winner could come out, however, from the thick and qualified teams of riders from South Africa and the United States. Do not forget that, until now, the Mini Rok title has been won only twice by drivers outside Europe, these are the South African Clinton Bezuidenhout (2012) and the American Logan Sargeant (2011). Who knows where the Rok International 2014 title will go this year, in Europe, or will migrate out?


SHIFTER ROK. The category with the gear, other than the champion in force Paolo Bonetti, ranks among the favorites the young drivers Ercoli, Parkins, Bensi, Zani and Squaranti and the Polish, with a long Rok militancy, Glowacki.

Quadrana and Marcon are two outsiders who have much experience in the international field, this will play a leading role in the Rok Shifter final.

Even the Americans are eagerly awaited and will be guided by "qualified" Gonzalo Aponte and Aj Meyer.


FORMAT OF THE EVENT. As was the case already in 2013, there will be no finals dedicated to partners, but as the impressive number of Mini Roks in the race, not less than 105, there will be a final of "consolation", dedicated to those excluded from the final.

This race will open the last afternoon of the Rok event, Saturday 25th, and is called the Mini Rok Bridgestone Final.

As for the other categories, they will begin the qualifying practice Wednesday 22nd. The hot phase will begin Thursday 23rd in the afternoon with the running of qualifyings.

The rounds that will lead to the races will be raced on Friday and Saturday morning.

Outdoor activities at the track are, as always, organized in the mega Rok tent, in which sporting checks will be performed throughout the day of Wednesday (see the detailed timetable according to the category).

Still in the Rok tent on Thursday morning from 9.00 to 11.00, the briefing of drivers belonging to different categories (see the detailed timetable according to the category) will take place.



The culmination of the Rok Cup International Final 2014 is scheduled in the big tent with the unforgettable Prize Giving Rok Party Award, where all Rok International 2014 champions will be awarded.

The final night of the Rok Party, and all the finals of Lonato, will be, once again, presented by the proven pair Ian and Yanek.

Ian Silvestrin from Melbourne (Australia) and Yanek Sterzel from Milan (Italy).


AWARDS. As always, the award ceremony will be incomparable, with engines and chassis for the first positions and technical material and Vortex vouchers. The total prize pool will be formidable and amounts to tens of thousands of euros (dollars).



The Rok Cup International Final will be followed at every stage with the official tools, website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Also the live timing will be available to have the rankings live race by race.

Journalists and photographers coming  to attend and follow the Rok Cup come from all over the world and it is certain the coverage of the following magazines: TKart, Vroom, Kart Mag, kartcom, Kart-X, PuroMotor and websites Stop & Go, Italiaracing,

Official contacts.

Rok Cup website:  



SPECIAL EVENT. The final Rok Cup 2014 will be the stage for a world premiere for two new products from Vortex.

Soon you will know what is it ......


CAPTIONS: Ryan Wood #45 (six karts back in left row) contesting a heat at last weekend's TROFEO AUTUNNO raced at Lonato. Ryan finished 23rd in a field of 65. Preparing his new Mini ROK Tony Kart chassis. Credits: South Garda Karting and Ryan Wood Racing.


Release from Vortex/OTK Group


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