Wow what a fabulous day. Sunday 24th February, Hampton Downs Raceway, had every thing going for it. Fantastic weather, 36 entries, and full on enthusiasm for the first round of the KartSport Superkart Drivers Club 2013 Series.13skhdr1a.jpg

I tell you, if you haven't tried pedaling around the REAL race circuits, you just don't know what you are missing out on. Fastest lap of the day and a new lap record for a kart to lap around Hampton was set by Robin Woolridge, PVP/PVP, in race one. A blistering 1.04.868 sets a new target for those other drivers with super quick PVP, DEA, and FPE 250 motors on-board.

Gearbox Classes

International class was dominated by Robin Woolridge with two wins and a second. He sat out the last race (Is he just getting too old?) which cost him dearly on the points table, slotting into second overall for the day, but still first in class. Tony Bowden, piloting his immaculately presented and built kart (If you want a new kart see Tony) finished 1.5 sec behind Robin in race one and managed to beat Robin in race two, also by a 1.5sec margin. Total reward for the day 2nd place. Wayne Mant, new nick name, 'Budget' put on a fine show for two 3rd's, but then ran out of gas (literally) so sat the rest of the day out. Note to Wayne- Remember to take fuel next time. Thin air is not usually very fast. Steve Crossland, two 4th's and a win, secured 3rd in International class, and 4th outright in gearbox class.13skdr1e.jpg

National class was dealt to by Dion Hubers in his newly acquired ex Melissa Urban superkart chassis. Four straight wins is very hard to beat. First in National class and first in gearbox class. Nick Issac, always a top performer secured second in class with 3 second's and regular campaigner Richard Simmons used two 3rd's and two 4th's to secure 3rd in class. A big welcome to two new faces in this class. Youngest ever road racer, 15yr old, Cameron Dance in his KZ2. The smile never left his face all day, and he says he will be back for sure. Cameron finished 5th for the day out of 11 drivers, so I would suggest watch this space, because it won't be long before he will be banging on the top gun's door. Barry Thomas, you got love his "nothing will stop me attitude", took home two 6th's and then retired due to engine problems. Barry is a karter from way, way back, when you didn't buy new rubber you just slapped on a retread. So those of you sitting back saying I'm too young or I'm too old, for road racing, think again and take advantage of the easy to get one day licenses available. Two competitors used the one day license system on Sunday, so for those with karts rotting in the shed "whats your excuse, now?"

Non Gearbox Classes13skdr1b.jpg

Rotax Max Light class was won by the always quick Gareth Playle with 4 straight wins, which also secured him 1st overall in non gearbox. Simon Davies with three 2nd's and some very consistent lap times took home 2nd place in class. And, hello, who was that? Ron Alexander, he has either tuned his body or his kart or maybe both, had three 4th's and a 3rd to earn 3rd in class and sixth equal in non gearbox. A huge turn around from last year.

Rotax Max Heavy. Henri Ham didn't have it all his own way this weekend, finishing 3rd equal with Peter Cotham. Looking at the time sheets there was nothing between them, so a hard fought battle all day. Peter Dicks won 1 race which was enough to secure 2nd for the day and Shaun Curran set the fastest Rotax Heavy lap times, with 3 wins and a second, to finish the day 8 points ahead in 1st place and 2nd overall in non gearbox.13skdr1d.jpg

A big thank you to the KartSport SuperKart Drivers Club for another awesome race day, all the Race Officials and PlayDay NZ Ltd.

Photos supplied by Chris James and Joe Teinakore 'Ace Photography'.


This report was prepared by Andrew Hall, 'The Mobile Mower Doctor Ltd' proud importer and distributor of MOJACK Rider Mower Lifts.











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