The KartSport SuperKart Drivers Club wishes to attract more drivers to give road racing a go.  The Club is offering a great deal to get Rotax Max drivers along to compete in the Series.15SuperkartsRotax41TonyKinsman4GregRobinson96TeddyBassick-1.jpg

The offer is this.  The Club will provide any first time Rotax Max drivers with a 17 tooth front sprocket, clutch drum, chain and rear sprocket to use for their first event.  The value of these parts is $250.  At the completion of the day, the driver has 2 options.  The first option is to return the parts at no charge.  Option 2 is, if the driver enters the next Round on the day, they have the option to purchase the parts at $125 which is half price!

The offer to purchase the parts at half price is only valid on the day of their first event and the driver must enter the next Round at the same time.

The Club sees the purchase of road race gearing as one of the hurdles which stops new drivers from taking part in the series.  This offer gives drivers the opportunity to try road racing without having to buy the parts up front. 

Drivers who wish to take up the offer should contact the Club Secretary or Race Convenor prior to entering their first event to ensure parts are available.

The next round of the Series is on the 19th of April at Taupo.

Caption:  Rotax Max racers Ricky Lang (#41), Greg Robinson (#4) and Teddy Bassick (#96) battle at the 2015 NZ SuperKart Championships. Photo credit: Fast Company/Petrina Aiono

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