Qualifying kicked off on Saturday afternoon beating the forecast rain, just! Steve Sharpe topped the charts for the international class with Rhys McKay and Steve Bowden hot on his heels. Martin Weiss retired before the qualifying session due to unforeseeable circumstances. 

Mathew Barton put it on pole in the KZ2 class followed by David Cox and John Crossman. Brent Gordon and Jordyn18superkartR4 5 and 7 grid.jpg Wallace followed to complete the class. Brent Murgatroyd topped the charts in the DD2 class with Matt Flaherty and Matt Grey rounding out the top three. 

The Rotax Lights class saw Ryan Urban set the pace closely followed by Lee Sefton. Todd Jolly and Tony King would take third and fourth place respectively. Finishing up the grid in the Rotax heavy class saw Derek Lawrence snapping up 1st place followed by Mark Ongly. Rounding up the grid was Ricky Lang and Peter Cottam.

Race One:

Steve sharp claimed his first race win from Rhys McKay after a hard fought battle in the international class. Both drivers shared the race lead at multiple stages of the 7 lap stint while we all watched on in anticipation of a photo finish across the line. Newbie Steve Bowden made his race debut today after a few practice only days however early mechanical issues saw an early retirement. 

Ryan Urban was the first casualty in the rotax light class suffering a broken chain just before lights out and retiring to the infield. Lee Sefton pulled a comfortable lead on a charging Tony King and a recovering Todd Jolly. Derek Lawrence stormed through for the Rotax Heavy class win with Ricky Lang and Peter Cottam chasing hard behind him. Mark Ongly unfortunately was disqualified for a minor technical infringement seeing the conclusion of his weekend. 

Mathew Barton gave the other KZ2 drivers something to strive for with a 13 second lead at the conclusion of the race. David Cox and John Crossman had wee battle of their own going on with only a very small margin separating the pair. Brent Gordon followed on with a fourth place finish but Jordyn Wallace failed to finish as a result of engine issues. Matt Flaherty and Brent Murgatroyd had a fierce battle in the DD2 class with Flaherty winning by nothing but a nose. New comer Matt Grey took out third position.

Race Two:

Day two, race two commenced with a wet track and all drivers throughout the classes opting for slick tyres. McKay showed Sharpe the way in the international class leading the race from lights out to take his first ever race win. Both drivers put in a stella effort keeping their karts under control in such difficult conditions. An unfortunate water leak while warming his kart up saw Bowden fail to venture past the pit gate this time around.

Urban gave the rotax lights class a wet driving demonstration leading the pack from last place on the grid to 1st by turn one, he continued on to win race two followed by Sefton. The wet got the better of Jolly in the warm up lap seeing him inspect the lawn quality in the infield, however he recovered with a respectable 3rd place. Tony King’s day didn’t start as planned when an unfortunate incident with a painted line saw him greet the fence backwards at turn 6. Luckily he was uninjured despite the kart suffering substantial damage. 

Murgatroyd showed his two younger competitors a thing or two about experience setting the pace in the DD2 class. He found himself mixing it up amongst the KZ2’s by half way through the 7 lap stint. First time road racer Grey claimed second place closely followed by Flaherty.

Crossman and Gordon fell victim to the slippery tarmac in the KZ2 class suffering spins at points throughout the race. Barton drove a well executed race taking the first win of the day chased down by Cox. Wallace rounded up the top three following an unexpected mid race visit from lights driver Urban.

It was a good drive in the heavy’s class for Lang taking the win from Cottam. Lawrence opted not to venture out to play in the wet.

Race Three: 

Drying track conditions for race 3 saw for far better consistency and much anticipated battles throughout the fields.18superkartR4 rotax grid.jpg

Again it was McKay who stole the lead in the international class making a quick escape from the jaws of Sharpe. Sharpe proved however that the dry was more his forte and drove his VM powered beast to the flag in first place. It was touch and go for McKay after he developed a fuel surge with two laps to go, he masterfully nursed his Anderson 250 SAFE over the line to secure 2nd place. Bowden was overrun by a pack of mechanical gremlins who forced him to call time early on his Racing debut. 

DD2 was the class to watch this race with all three drivers engaged in a race long battle for first. Grey kept Flaherty on his toes proving that the X plate isn’t a good enough excuse to simply circulate at the tail end, while Murgatroyd was making sure he was taken notice of leading for portions of the race. Flaherty pulled together the race win followed very closely by Murgatroyd. Grey continued his impressive debut rounding up the top three.

Once again Urban disappeared off into the distance in Rotax lights choosing a race of solitude while a little way back Sefton was running away, far far away from the field with second place in truely impressive form. Jolly had his work cut out and put in the hard yards to chase for a well deserved third place. Tony king didn’t let his race 2 incident phase him and rejoined the field. After a conservative start, the field slipped away but like the coyote chasing down road runner he pulled them in to finish a not too shabby 4th Place.

Down a man in the heavy class the remaining three drivers charged on presenting a fine display of consistency. Lawrence took the win by .002 from Lang and Cottam.

Like a greyhound out the gate went Barton in KZ2 not letting the super kart of McKay out of his sights once. A little way back was Cox showing impressive form as he too had ventured away from the pack to finish 2nd. It was third place after a solid drive from Gordon. Wallace suffered an engine chernobyl early on in the race seeing her retirement from the round.

Race 4.

It was anyone’s game in the international class  and first across the line would take out class honours. Sharpe got the jump on McKay off the start only to have McKay reclaim the race lead a couple of laps later. Little did we know Sharpe was searching through his book of tricks. Whatever he found worked and away he went to take the round win from McKay.

Flaherty was no match for Murgatroyd in DD2 who pulled away in favour of racing amongst the KZ2s this time around. It wasn’t a good run for the two Matt’s, Flaherty’s gear shift paddle plain dissapeared mid race making life a tad bit difficult and he found himself victim to the lights driver of Urban who came to mix it up a bit. Grey developed an engine miss forcing him to retreat to pit lane. 

It was déjà vu in the kz2 class with Matthew Barton zooming away to chase down super karts and Cox following suit pulling an equal gap from the remainder of the field. Crossman put in a solid effort pulling off third place.

Just like before it was bye bye Urban once the lights extinguished for the Rotax Lights class. Urban put in a fantastic drive to make Sunday a clean sweep of first places by a considerable margin each time. It was Mr Consistant Lee Sefton who would outdrive the number 13 of Jolly for second place honours leaving Jolly to gather it all up for 3rd position 

Lawrence had the consistency sash in the heavy’s class pulling a considerable gap for the race win. He mixed it up amongst the lights leaving Lang and Cottam to battle it out for second and third.

Join the excitement with round 5 at Manfeild Motorsport Park on the 4th-5th August


Report and pics from the KartSport SuperKart Drivers Club



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