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Vortex Mini Rok Secures the Class for ProKart

Well, if the race to be the first Junior Class to secure a spot in the 2015 ProKart Series is anything to go by, the on track action won’t want to be missed.

Entries have only been open for a few weeks but entries for both Cadet ROK and Vortex Mini ROK have been flowing in at an amazing rate.  With the Supplementary Rules stating that the first class to gain ten entries would secure a place in ProKart 2015 it has been a photo finish to see Vortex Mini ROK cross the line first with Cadet ROK only one entry shy of taking out the honours.


SB Promotions (the promoters of ProKart) originally wanted to split from its joint Series partner (NZ Rotax Max Challenge) and do its own thing with the 3 KZ2 classes and both Junior classes for 2015 and believed there was enough interest from Competitors to ensure a robust standalone Series where all classes would have strong entries. However others didn’t support the idea and approval was not granted.


SB Promotions Director Steve Brown said “whilst we are very excited with the strong response to having our first Junior class come on board for 2015, we have a sense of disappointment for the Cadet ROK competitors who clearly saw ProKart as being a Series that met their needs for top line competition. We hope that for 2016 we will not have this situation repeat itself.

We are very mindful of the need to ensure other series remain strong and that we don’t think ProKart is the only act in town. The entries in these two classes for the first round of WPKA Goldstar Series earlier this month were strong and we congratulate the organisers for their promotion of their series with fantastic prizes up for grabs which has clearly worked. We know other Series like Top Half will also have a great 2015 series following on from strong overall entries in 2014.

I think the message here is that we can all be successful and recognise that each Series is providing its own level of competition which is meeting the needs of drivers in all regions.”


The jobs not finished yet. Whilst entries in all classes for ProKart 2015 are flowing in entries don’t close until 15th January. With over all track limits determining how many entries can be accepted drivers don’t want to leave it too late before securing their spot in what is shaping up to be the best ProKart Series yet


So class structure for ProKart 2015 is finalised - KZ2, KZ2 Masters, KZ2 Restricted and VORTEX MINI ROK – let’s do it.

CLICK HERE for an Entry Form, Supplementary Rules and Information

CAPTION: Liam Lawson #15 leading Ben Morrison #35 at the 2014 NZ Schools Championships. Photo credit: Fast Company/Graham Hughes

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