Kiwi champion Karl Wilson made Australia's top SuperKart racers sit up and take notice in Sydney over the weekend, the Wellingtonian qualifying on the front row and ending up fifth overall at the opening round of the 2013 Rockpress Australian championships at Sydney MotorSport Park. karl wilson sk aus 2013 r1.jpg

Though he failed to make the start of the first race after shearing a drive sprocket bolt in the warm-up lap, Wilson, who has won the New Zealand SuperKart title for the past three years in a row, fought back to claim two fourths and a third to leave the meeting fifth in the series points standings behind pole-setter and round winner Russell Jamieson - who won all four races - from Queensland, John Pegoraro from Victoria, defending Australian champion Jason Smith and Carlo Chermaz (both from Queensland).

Wilson was particularly competitive on Sunday, dicing with Pegoraro for second in Race 3 in front of Smith and Chermaz and for third with Smith and Chermaz in the fourth.

Wilson now returns home and to the sprint-class karts he started his career on at the GoPro KartSport New Zealand Sprint Kart Championship meeting in Wellington over the Easter weekend.

This year's Rockpress Australian SuperKart Championship will be fought out over two meetings, the first at Sydney Motorsport Park this past weekend and the second at the Phillip Island circuit south of Melbourne in September.

2013 Australian Superkart Championship
250 International class

Race 1 8 Laps  
1. Russell Jamieson (QLD) Anderson/Maverick 12:11.9291
2. Gary Pegoraro (VIC) Anderson/Maverick 12:17.2475 
3. Warren McIlveen (NSW) Stockman/MR2 12:17.6631 
4. Jason Smith (QLD) Anderson/Maverick 12:27.8252
5. Carlo Chermaz (QLD) SKE EVO2 12:31.5927
6. Anton Stevens (VIC) PVP 12:32.4000 
dns: Karl Wilson (NZ) Anderson/Maverick

Race 2 8 Laps  
1. Russell Jamieson (QLD) Anderson/Maverick 17:37.4348
2. Warren McIlveen (NSW) Stockman/MR2 17:38.7241
3. Gary Pegoraro (VIC) Anderson/Maverick 17:42.1315
4. Karl Wilson (NZ) Anderson/Maverick 17:42.8341
5. Jason Smith (QLD) Anderson/Maverick 17:46.9828
6. Ilya Harpas (SA) Zip Eagle 17:47.6999

Race 3 8 Laps  
1. Russell Jamieson (QLD) Anderson/Maverick 12:11.4095
2. Gary Pegoraro (VIC) Anderson/Maverick 12:14.5661
3. Karl Wilson (NZ) Anderson/Maverick 12:15.7032 
4. Jason Smith (QLD) Anderson/Maverick 12:26.9478  
5. Carlo Chermaz (QLD) SKE EVO2 12:29.4873 
6. Kristian Stebbing (VIC) Stockman/MR2 12:34.1414

Race 4 10 Laps 
1. Russell Jamieson (QLD) Anderson/Maverick 23:18.3596
2. Gary Pegoraro (VIC) Anderson/Maverick 23:18.8299 
3. Jason Smith (QLD) Anderson/Maverick 23:25.3628  
4. Karl Wilson (NZ) Anderson/Maverick 23:25.5159 
5. Carlo Chermaz (QLD) SKE EVO2 23:29.5297
6. Brett Purdie (SA) PVP 23:34.6071

2013 Rockpress Australian Championship Points

250 International
1. Russell Jamieson Anderson Maverick 85 points
2. Gary Pegoraro Anderson Maverick 71
3. Jason Smith Anderson Maverick 57
4. Carlo  Chermaz SKE Evo II 47
5. Karl Wilson Anderson Maverick 46
6. Warren McIlveen Stockman Superkarts 32
7. Brett Purdie PVP 31
8. Matt Bass Stockman MR2 29
9. Ilya Harpas Zip Eagle 25
10. Charles Maddern PVP Yamaha 23

Photo Credit: Superkarts Australia.

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