Christchurch driver Scott Manson made a one-off move from the KZ2 gearbox to the direct drive 125cc Rotax Max Light class a winning one at the KartSport Hawke's Bay club's annual Lightning Race Gear sponsored Blossom meeting at Hasting's Chemz Raceway over the weekend. 13Blossom RotaxLightScottMansonlr-1.jpg

It was close - Manson and Cambridge driver Andy Schofield ended up tied on points after two full days' racing - but on countback the nod went to the Christchurch teenager with Schofield second, and local drivers Johnathan Pearson and Jack Bridgman third and fourth respectively.

Conducted in hot, dry conditions the 46th annual Blossom sprint meeting attracted over 100 entries from as far south as Dunedin and as far north as Auckland.

The unique event format - which sees racing round the 687 metre Roy's Hill track north-west of Hastings run in a clockwise direction on the first day and an anti-clockwise one on the second and points from all seven heats and the Sunday final counting - always produces close racing with the 125cc Rotax Max Light class one of three to have to go to countback to determine a winner.13Blossom FJnrTreyNairnlr-1.jpg

In Formula Junior it was local pair Trey Nairn and Mitchell Turner who ended up on the same number of points, with the result going Nairn's way, while in Junior 100cc Yamaha the win went to Christchurch's Caleb Cross from Palmerston North's Jacob Cranston.

Other class winners at the meeting were Arie Hutton (100cc Yamaha Light), Tom Curran (Open), Graham Knight (Clubsport 120),  Reece Hendl-Cox (Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha) and Blake Evans (Cadet).


46th annual Lightning Race Gear Blossom Sprint Kart meeting KartSport Hawke's Bay Chemz Raceway Roy's Hill, Hastings Hawke's Bay Sat-Sun Sept 07-08 2013
Results13blossom hutton.jpg

125cc Rotax Max Light
1. Scot Manson 15 points; 2. Andy Schofield 15; 3. Johnathan Pearson 20; 4. Jack Bridgman 27; 5. Travis Day 30; 6. Bradley Tremain 47

100cc Yamaha Light
1. Arie Hutton 22 points; 2. Aaron Marr 25; 3. Andy Schofield 27; 4. Rhys Tinney 33; 5. Maddison Wise 38; 6. Brad Still 44

1. Tom Curran 10 points; 2. John Wallace 13; 3. Stuart Sowersby 25; 4. Donna Lee 27; 5. Henri Ham 30; 6. Anthony Wanoa 33

Clubsport 120
1. Graham Knight 9 points; 2. Stephen Muggeridge 11; 3. Cliff Walsh 31; 4. William Pearson 33; 5. Brendon Print 36; 6. Glenn Sharratt13blossomA Stewart.jpg

Formula Junior
1. Trey Nairn  15 points; 2. Mitchell Turner 15; 3. Jacob Cranston 29; 4. Caleb Huston 48; 5. Ashleigh Stewart 48; 6. Dylan Smith 49

Junior 100cc Yamaha
1. Caleb Cross 14 points; 2. Jacob Cranston 14; 3. Caleb Huston 27; 4. Taylor Harte 28; 5. Michael McCulloch 31; 6. Jared Parker 42

Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha
1. Reece Hendl-Cox 21 points; 2. Kaleb Ngatoa 25; 3. Liam Lawson 26; 4. Lee Zeltwanger; 5. Matthew Payne 38; 6. Rueben Adams 48

1. Blake Evans 18 points; 2. Ryan Wood 23; 3. Thomas Boniface 37; 4. Jackson Rooney 38; 5. Joshua Parkinson 41;13blossomBoniface.jpg 6. Fynn Osborne 41

Class winners at the Blossom kart meeting in the Hawke's Bay over the weekend included Christchurch driver Scott Manson (#9), local Trey Nairn (#10) and Arie Hutton (#12). Other good performers were Ashleigh Stewart (#22) and Thomas Boniface (#NS). Photo credit: Fast Company/Chris Morris

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