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W.P.K.A to offer biggest ROK prize pool yet

SUPREME KART SUPPLIES, MANAWATU TOYOTA and W.P.K.A combine to offer biggest ROK prize pool yet.

W.P.K.A is immensely proud to announce that in conjunction with the above sponsors, and off the back of the hugely successful ‘schools’ wpka Rok promopic.jpgpromo package, that the series winners in BOTH the Cadet Rok and Vortex Mini Rok classes of the upcoming 2014-2015 Bayleys WPKA GoldStar Series will receive entry into a premium Karting Australia event in Melbourne and will race with a NEW Tony Kart Australia race spec package.  

This prize package is valued at $2k per driver and allows for:

Brand new Tony chassis (Rocky) at the event

Vortex engine

Slick tyres

Chain, sprocket sundries

Assemble to full race spec

Chassis transport & full pit

The actual meet is yet to be finalised but will most likely be either the "City of Melbourne Title" in mid August or the "Victorian Junior Sprints" in mid September.

What an awesome opportunity for our young drivers to do battle against their Aussie counterparts. Past New Zealand participants in such events rate these experiences very highly in their development as drivers and tell us its something not to be missed.

Entry is open to and encouraged for ALL competitors around the country not just from the W.P.K.A regions.

Round 1:

SPARKARTS: Wellington: 8-9 November 2014 

Round 2:

TONY KART MANAWATU and ORG: Manawatu: 6-7 December 2014

Round 3:

SUPREME KART SUPPLIES: Taranaki: 7-8 March 2015

Round 4:

TOTAL KARTING: Hawkes Bay: 2-3 May 2015

WPKA Championships:

KARTWORKS: Wellington: 30-31 May 2015

Secure your place now as entries close on Friday October 31st.

The ONLY way to WIN either of these magnificent opportunities is by entering the 2014-2015 Bayleys WPKA GoldStar Series.

You can enter online HERE or by downloading the entry forms from HERE.


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