Courses are run over one or two days at a race track with practical and theory sessions for the driver and their race day helpers. The coaches are top national drivers trained to a high standard by the Academy. The student to teacher ratio is managed so all students gets lots of personal attention.

Explore and Learn - Stage 1 Courses

Dramatically improve your lap times, your set-ups, your driving style and your fun in just one day on KartSports “Explore and Learn” ACADEMY courses.

Open to all current Kartsport members the Explore and Learn courses will make you a better driver. Be you a newish Cadet, a C or B rated driver looking to nail all the basics, or a senior wanting to perfect that passing manoeuvre or improve those crucial set-ups. This is the course for you.

Only New Zealand’s very best coaches have been selected and are ready to share their skills and passion with you on a day of intensive training for driver and crew.

One crewmember is welcome to accompany the driver and for those under 18 this is mandatory. The crew take an active part in the training day especially with regards to kart preparation and set up procedures. You will need all your normal race day equipment including of course your kart - Full details available on request and or booking confirmation.

Course Content: Driving theory - Chassis set up - On track exercises covering everything from how to make a great start, fast corners to braking styles and passing.


Hotshots - Stage 2 Courses

The Hotshots program is designed to teach you how to get the best performance out of yourself and your kart.

The Hotshots courses are a day and a half long and are limited to a select few premier tracks in New Zealand. They are designed to provide the confidence for B rated drivers to step up to A grade competition.

Each Hotshots course has a maximum of 20 students with very small numbers in each group so each student receives lots of personal attention and the ability to guide their own learning.

The Hotshots course covers advanced driving techniques and advanced kart set up. In addition the skilled coaches address specialist subjects; mental preparation, qualifying, race strategy, nutrition and fitness.

The driving coaches are all current and former national champions and all have international experience at the highest level and it is this knowledge that they will be passing on. The Kart set up area will be the domain of some of the countries most renowned tuners. Mental preparation, nutrition and fitness will also be covered.

You will need all your normal race weekend equipment including wet and slick tyres in good condition, gas, spare parts, tools. If you are under 18 you will require a helper. You will also need an attitude to learn! Full details available on request and or booking confirmation.Go to the Bookings page to enrol now.

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Course Timetable and details of format for Stage 1 Explore and Learn :-

9 30 Briefing- Introduction, course content and safety
9 45 Track Walk
10 00 Drive- warm up
10 30 Theory- Driving Skills, and body position
11 00 Drive-Driving Skills Practice- Braking, Kart handling, body position, head position, looking for apex’s
11 20 Theory- Chassis Set Up
12 00 Individual Chassis Inspection
12 30 Lunch
1 15 Drive- Fast corners, lines, throttle control, braking, keeping kart under control.
1 45 Drive – Tight corners, lines, fast exit, hopping kerbs
2 30 Break
3 00 Drive- Free practise session
3 15 Drive- Passing, how to pass effectively and safely
3 45 Starts- mental preparation and first corner strategies, judging lights.
4 15 Drive- Practice race
4 30 Day ends- Final wrap up, hand out prizes, evaluation

Go to the Bookings page to enrol now.

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