Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of frequently asked questions concerning many aspects of the KartSport ACADEMY and the courses conducted.

I have been karting for about four years now and have a B license, would I get anything out of the day?

Yes you would! Some of the information will be familiar to you but there will be lots of little tricks and tips that even the best drivers can learn from our coaches.

I know some one else who is going to the school but they are way way faster/slower than me. Does this matter?

Not at all. On the day you will be broken into groups of a maximum of seven depending on entries. These groups will be on ability and the coach will direct the instruction to your level of driving.

I have raced before but want to get back into karting - is this for me?

For sure it is! We have lots of information with all the latest data and tips. You will be taught how to prepare your current tender tyres and how they work best, to all the latest set up trends in chassis.

Is it just for kids or younger karters?

Absolutely not, we cater for all ages and all classes. In fact the schools that we have run to date have been 50% Junior and 50% Senior drivers so it is for everyone

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