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I’ve been involved with Karting since May 1994 when my son Karl Wilson started racing as a Midget. It quickly became apparent that Karting was going to be a sport that we would be involved with for a long period of time.

I became involved in the management of KartSport Wellington and the WPKA. I did most roles within the Wellington Club and served as President for many years and was instrumental in the redevelopment of the facilities there.

I also served as President of the WPKA a number of times, and served as the National Technical Officer of KartSport New Zealand for 2 terms.

I was heavily involved with training younger members of the Wellington Club on one on one basis and have been involved with the KartSport Academy since its inception , and have had a period as Head Coach in the past. I run and been involved in many Academy Explore and Learn course and some Hot Shot Courses, in the past.

I have done coaching with many drivers of all ages , I feel my expertise is in chassis Set Up and being able to watch driving habits ("Bad Habits" and correct these at an early age). I work heavily on the top 2 inches and get the driver to be able to verbalise and communicate what is happening to the Kart and get the communication working between driver and Mechanic. Being able to diagnose what’s happening to the Kart is really important.

Achievements have been many. With my son Karl initially we won many title in various classes including a Rotax Max Challenge, a CIK Trophy of NZ, Challenge Trophies of NZ, Island Titles, National Titles.

I have traveled extensively all over the world competing and racing at various events, which has only added to my knowledge base.

Latterly have worked with a large number of different driver/ parent combinations and have had varied successes.
I still feel I have something to offer karting, although my life situation has changed, I feel I will still in some way be involved in karting in the future.









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