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Niki Urwin - Head Coach

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I began my coaching career in the sport of Motocross in 1995. Coaching was something I enjoyed, and immediately I was able to connect with my students so that they could understand the theories and techniques I was teaching. I also became involved with the administration side of coaching working with MNZ. My personal motocross racing came to an end in 2002, at which time I focused solely on my motocross coaching. The following 7 years were my most enjoyable period of coaching, because I was privileged to work with the best athletes in the sport. During this time we were at the forefront of riding technique development as the sport had a major technology shift from 2 stroke to 4 stroke power plants. The riders I have worked with in the sport of motocross have won 3 World Championship and one AMA Supercross Championship. 

Looking for a new challenge I diverged into the world of downhill mountain biking and looked to bring my technical knowledge to a developing sport. Again I was privileged to work with riders who have amassed World Championships as well as over 20 National Championships.

As my personal sport of choice from 2004 was Karting I became involved in forming the original Coaching Academy frame work for KartSport New Zealand. I have been full circle in karting now from a competitor, coach and now as a father. I enjoy spending weekends burning gas at the kart track with 3 generations of family.

I hope that by being involved in the Kartsport Academy I can increase the knowledge of competitors so that their karting becomes a more enjoyable experience.


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