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Examples of comments and feedback to date :-

Hi Graeme
Josh completed both the Explore and Learn Academy in 2011 and Hot Shots Academy in 2012. In both cases we made significant improvements. Not only did Josh improve his driving, but I gained a greater insight into kart setup. After the Explore and learn, Joshs competitiveness climbed significantly and this in turn helped him get his B rating. In my opinion it provided excellent value.
The Hot Shot academy at KartSport Hamilton was held just prior to the Nationals in 2012. We came away with invaluable gains. Josh learned better braking techniques and this resulted in him knocking off over 3/10ths from his previous best time and resulted in him qualifying 6th in a field of 23 at the Nationals. The cheapest 3/10ths we’ve ever found. People who don’t see at this course as an easy way to make gains are are really missing out.
Frazer Parkinson
(father, Josh Parkinson, 2014 NI and 2015 NZ Sprint Champion, Vortex Mini ROK)

#SKYSPEEDOfficial Greg Murphy catches up with young Kiwi Karting stars Joshua Parkinson, Ryan Wood and Jackson Rooney at the KartSport New Zealand Nationals over Easter.

Posted by SKY Sport NZ on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hi Graeme
Big thanks to Gary, Daniel and Arie for putting on an well run and professional day at Mt Wellington.
Worth every cent.
The guys were able to quickly highlight errors and offer solutions and tips in a friendly and supportive manor, which quickly built my confidence. 
This course is a must for newbie’s who want to avoid the frustration of figuring out, how to get a kart working properly.
Thanks again
Marin Vujcich 

Hi Niki, Brad and Ryan
Thanks for putting on such an awesome HOTSHOTS course in Hamilton. The feedback I got from Faine and Aaron was great, they learned heaps and it was a very valuable experience for Faine in so many ways – well worth it!! I heard the engine was awesome too, thanks for all your hard work on that Ryan! The guys provided a very positive learning environment so he was able to get the most out of their vast knowledge and experience. Once again, thanks for your time and effort over the weekend and hopefully catch up with you at upcoming events. All the best, Huia.

Daniel Connor - The Kartsport Academy is a fantastic opportunity to allow New Zealand’s best Karters to share their best tips and tricks to help you improve and gain those last few tenths needed to succeed. The Kartsport Academy gives you the necessary tools and ideas to help you improve and steer you in the correct direction, from on track help to in the classroom. All bases are covered to give you the best chance to improve your skills and get ahead of the pack. When I attended the Academy I was soon shown that kart racing has a lot of other factors other than the driving. I was shown how nutrition, Kart setup and kart preparation were key factors in helping you succeed in Karting. You will learn how to prepare yourself for a race weekend and how Karting is a very demanding sport, which means the more mentally and physically prepared you are the better. The Academy showed me all the small secrets which were key in improving my race speed and race craft. All the skills and information is a lot to take in, I wrote as much as I could down as well as referring to the booklet given out. The Kartsport Academy helped me improve and got me to the next level. All the skills learnt from this over time helped me get to the top level and I have since won 3 National titles. I strongly recommend for everyone to do this as it helps you improve at the fastest rate possible in the shortest time.

Hi Tony
In 2009 myself and Daniel Connor attended the two day Hot Shots KartSport Academy held at the Hawkes Bay track. Having started karting just over one year before we had learnt the basics and Daniel had obtained his ‘A’ rating and raced his first National meeting a couple of months before.
I was immediately impressed with the standard of the coaches being some of NZs top karters. We spent the two days between classroom and track work. It was hard to know which was the greatest benefit to us. In the classroom we learnt so much, from kart setup and things like correct seat fitting to how important nutrition and driver fitness is and what the driver should be eating on a race weekend. On the track the personal coaching Daniel received was fantastic, with the coach pointing out areas Daniel needed to work on to improve and break bad habits.
We both left with a greater understanding of how karts work and how important kart setup is.
Two weeks later Daniel won his first National Title, the Formula Junior class at the Schools on a wet track with a dominant drive. I have no doubt a lot of what we were taught from the experts at the Academy helped us win this.
I feel doing the Hot Shots Academy was the best value for money I have spent on karting, for both myself and Daniel. I would recommend the academy to anyone wanting to improve in both driving and in the pits.
Even now two years on we often discuss things we were taught at the academy when trying to find the best kart setup. Peter Welch - Guardian for Daniel Connor, #1 Rotax Lights 2011.

Hey Niki
Thanks heaps for all of the support and information you shared with me and Dad at the Hot Shots programme in Marlborough. The first time back on the Wellington track after the course and we were very close to breaking the lap record. The video analysis has definitely stuck in my head. I still can't get over the fact that in that one corner alone I can gain 2 tenths just by changing my line. The nutrition side of the course was a shock I think I needed after eating a lot of junk while away at race meetings. So thanks heaps and I will definitely be recommending the course to fellow club members. Cheers Danny Picard.

Hi Graeme
Both myself and Daniel enjoyed the Academy and I think it had a lot to do with our success at the schools!" Peter Welch for Daniel Connor: Winner Formula Junior NZ Schools 2009.

Hi Niki
Just thought I would give you an update on how your students are going from the Explore and Learn Day.
Joesph Terry our newest Cadet, has come along in leaps and bounds. In his second meet (1st meet at Tokoroa), Joesph was seen overtaking the other competitor on the track and showed full confidence on the track. This also came though on his second meet at Edgecumbe where Joseph came 2nd overall on the day beating 3 other karters who have been racing for over a year.
Mitchel (JRs) has also come along. Mitch won his last meet in Edgecumbe. This was a stunning shock to the other karters on the track. Mitch normally running at the back in each race, has dropped several seconds off his time and was out in the front in most races. Again when he went to Tokoroa he gained speed and placed in the top 3. I'm told he came 2nd.
Greg Eveleens (Junior) has also dropped his time. He is now looking to break into the high 29 sec per lap. His confidence has grown.
And me... remember I said I would like to drop a second from my time.... well I got that and won my first overall day. It was a great feeling. But nothing compared to the big smile worn by Mitchel. That was really great to see.
So thanks so much to you. At the last meet it was great to see most races were dominated by your students. Your course was well worth the effort, time and money. We look forward to seeing you again. Tracey Nielsen, Committee Member, EBOP KART CLUB.

Hi Niki
I just have to say that the Academy Day we did with you was the best thing we did for Mitch. He has got better and better with each race. At Edgecumbe two weeks ago he shocked everybody and took first place! Brad who usually wins outright was stunned. Mitch was so excited because everybody at the club was talking about him. Bob Gainsford (KartSport Stewart) made a special mention about Mitch’s performance on the day that made Mitch’s day! Sunday at Tokoroa he again put in an excellence performance even through he currently has a cold, he was determine to race and comfortably took third place. The Academy Day gave Mitch the confidence and lifted his enthusiasm for the sport hugely. Thanks again for what you did. Kind regards, Sue Sanders.

Hi Graeme
We recently completed a training day with the academy in Wellington. Our son Logan runs in the cadet class and has been racing for about 12 months now and has his C rating. As members of Wellington club we are lucky to have the help and support of Gary Wilson and Karl Wilson on club days. To have a whole day with both of them and in a small group was awesome. The coaches held Logan's attention all day and he must of learnt heaps as we came back the next day for Wellington club day and Logan stepped up to the mark straight away. From his normal running at the rear of the field we finished the club day with two seconds and three thirds. A very happy Dad and son and made the training day worth every cent. To also see photos of Logan on the home page of the academy has really made him the proudest karter in Wellington at the moment. Many thanks and looking forward to part two of the training. Regards Wayne Keats.

Hi Niki
Just a message of thank you for your most interesting course in Nelson. I know all the drivers enjoyed the day and my discussions with the dads on Sunday was the same result. Keep up the great work – it is appreciated. Pass on our thanks to the great team you have. Jamie’s Grand dad.

Hi Niki
Just to let you and your TEAM from the academy know that Tyler's (Cadet) lap times have improved from 39.2 to a 4 consecutive set of laps of between 38.62 to 38.64 in the final. Also in the Grand Prix he achieved a 38.5. More improvements are sure to come with practice and trying some chassis changes. We WILL be recommending your course to others as we have certainly gained from the knowledge you all passed on.

Hi Niki
Just a quick note to say thanks for an awesome day yesterday. The coaches were knowledgeable and really supportive, and found time to give everyone personal attention. The blend of theory and track time was spot on. It was nice to have some good guys fully available to answer questions; often on race days they're quite busy, or you feel that you don't want to bother them with questions or look stupid.

I know that I'll be faster because I've attended this course. Job well done - Tony.

Hi Graeme
Just a short note to congratulate you and Niki for the first Academy session As you are aware these things take a lot of organizing.

Cara was very complimentary of the high standard you all achieved. She found Niki's coaching excellent and she does apologise for the wheel falling off!!!

I hope she will get back into racing--it will all depend on dollars but you certainly rekindled the old flame!!

Well done - Doc

Hi Graeme
I did the Mt Wellington academy yesterday the 11th of November.

I just wanted to compliment and say thank you to yourself, Nikki and the other guys for the effort you put into it and for the way you presented the course.

I was in the group with Tony Chambers and at the end of the day took 0.6seconds off my best time around the track and walking away feeling that I can do even more by applying the knowledge you guys passed on.

Thanks very much and hope all goes well with the other courses down the line.

Regards - Nigel Kurtz

General comments :-

Satisfied Cadet father “I have learnt as much if not more than Jason”

Alex Adams Cadet “I learnt how not to overpass but just do what I have to get past and keep a good line”

Nigel Hanley Junior Rotax Father “Worth every cent, every bit of the day was beneficial in some way or another”

David Langslow Senior Rotax “Just great to have such a better understanding, I can not just help myself now but help others as well”

Gary Reid Rotax Light “Should have done this years ago!”

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