SuperKart Series, Round 6
Hampton Downs, 30 September 2012

Hampton Downs, arguably the best drivers track in the North Island, was the venue for the 6th and final round of the 2012  SuperKart Drivers Club Series. The weather was absolutely beautiful, with glorious sunshine and a light breeze. Perfect conditions for some blistering lap times. Robin Wooldridge didn't disappoint with the fastest time of the day, a 1.04.927 lap and right on his heels Tony Gestro a 1.04.970 flyer.superkarthdr6grid.jpg

Unfortunately there were 10 engine and other failures throughout the day, which took a toll on many of the faster karts, dropping the field of 31 down to 21 by the last race.

International Class
Race 1 was dominated by Robin Wooldridge in his PVP twin, only to sit out the rest of the day after a spectacular high speed lock up at turn 1 in race 2. Tony Gestro fails to finish race 1, bolts on a new pony and drives like crazy for the remainder of the day, winning 2 out of 2 races. Greg Smith breaks his throttle cable in race 3, ending a fine performance of two 3rds and a 2nd.

A steady, finish all races effort, nets Wayne Mant a win for the weekend, Tony Gestro 2nd, and Greg Smith 3rd.

National Class
National class saw some tight racing up front between Steve Wilton, Richard Simmonds and John McDonald. Bruce James, easily the fastest 250 National on the track, failed to deliver consistently, suffering an engine failure and drive line failure. Look for the wooden 'Flintstone' kart next though as I am sure he will not fail to put a smile on your face with a corning style only Bruce can demonstrate.

Richard Simmonds made it hard for himself with an engine failure early in the day, but still manages to win the weekend. John McDonald, sporting a sexy newly rebuilt pipe, pulls off two 2nds and two 3rds for the day coming home 2nd overall while consistency gives Peter Herbert a bronze for 3rd place.

Rotax Light 
Rotax Light is a cool class to watch. Racing is very tight, one small mistake and you will loose not just one place, but several places. Racing 'KartSport' steward Ron Alexander received no respect from the other drivers being shuffled back 6 places in one lap during race 3. Thomas McLean, first time ever road racing, quickly came to grips with the track and the required set up, netting a 4th and two 2nds. Caleb Hartley, Chris Simmonds and Dion Hubers swapped paint on many occasions. I didn't actually see any pods rubbing but it was very close racing all day. Eventual winner of the weekend went to Caleb Hartly, second by only one point, Chris Simmonds, and third Dion Hubers, just two points further down.

Rotax Heavy
There was a new face in Rotax Heavy. Shaun Curran, first ever road race meeting, showed the boys a thing or two with a first and a second, coming home third overall for the weekend. Superkart Drivers committee member Henri Ham, once again consistent and fast, wins the day with three 2nds and a 1st. Peter Dicks with two wins rounds out the top three in second place.

Other Class
A big welcome to Chris James. Chris braved the Hampton circuit in a trusty Yamaha KT100. Tired of flag marshalling, Chris gave it a go and had the time of his life. Hopefully Chris will be back (with 2 engines, two are faster than one) because all new comers no matter what the engine are welcome. If you have a KT in the closet drag it out and give Chris a race, he will enjoy that and so will you.

A big thank you to the Superkart Drivers club for the lunch time spot prize give away. Too many prizes to remember who got what, but very much appreciated by all. Thanks also for the FREE lunch time barbeque sausages that went down a treat, and thanks to the Officials and club members (you know who you are) that made the 2012 Superkart Club Road Race Series possible.


1. Robin Wooldridge
2. Greg Smith
3. Warwick Dunn

1. Richard Simmonds
2. Steve Wilton
3. Bruce James

Rotax Light
1. Chris Simmonds
2. Dion Hubers
3. Tim Wakefield

Rotax Heavy
1. Henri Ham
2. Darrly Currie
3. Peter Cottam

Yamaha KT100
1. Chris James

Caption: The SuperKarts line up at Hampton Downs. Credit: Terry James

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