Buying a Kart

Once the appropriate class has been established the next step is to set about purchasing the correct kart.

The kart must conform to all of the required specifications and rules. If buying new, the kart will not come with an engine and this will need to be purchased separately. Buying second hand can be cheaper and the kart may came with an engine, but again it is essential to ensure that both the kart and engine meet the rules and specifications for the particular class.

There are a number of excellent kart shops throughout the country who will be only too pleased to show you the various options of makes and models available, both new and second hand and some of these shops are listed on the Links page of this site. However some of the best advice about buying a kart can be obtained from the karters themselves and these people will always go out of their way to assist and offer advice to new people in the sport. The best way to obtain this advice is to go along to a kart meeting and talk to the people there and look at the various karts being used.

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There are specialist kart shops around the country.

gilrosebanner ad.jpg     Some Kart Shops can arrange finance via Gilrose Finance.


There is normally a wide range of second hand karts on our Classifieds Page.

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