Hire Karts & One Day Competition Licence

Generally all karts used in competition in New Zealand are owned by the competitors.

However some Clubs have hire karts which can be used for a test drives and for competition. The opportunity to hire a kart for a race meeting is limited. Some kart shops and Clubs offer a "rent-a-drive" service. This enables you to rent a competition kart for a weekend together with the expertise of the kart shop staff or Club personnel who will take you to a practice and through a complete race day meeting at one of the affiliated Club tracks. This service is not available in all places or from all kart shops or Clubs so you will need to make specific inquires to the kart shops and Clubs in your area.

The following Clubs have karts for hire for both testing and racing:

KartSport Hawkes Bay

KartSport Wellington

KartSport Mt Wellington

KartSport Southland

KartSport Bay of Plenty

The following Club has karts for hire for testing only:

KartSport Auckland


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