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rotax motor bw

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Cadet ROK Exhaust Bracket

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Engine Mounts

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Nassa Panel Brackets

Date: 12:40 p.m. Monday, 16 December 2013

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2012 enclosed trailer sw

phone Sam on 0210767957

Great condition has been looked after its whole life. Has got a broken back wood board but can be easily replaced. Comes with engine rack can fit 2 rotax engines, 50mm axle holder, tyre rack, power points. Can fit 2 senior karts or can fit 4 cadets. Near new tyres will come with rego and warrant. Also comes with front box on the front of the trailer. Has also got a system that you can take all the ramps out and engine if you want to just use as a empty trailer. All of the ramps can also move up and down. Has disc brakes. Phone Sam on 0210767957

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