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Briggs Kart and Trailer smt

Briggs Kart

I have for sale my 2016 Redspeed Rx chassis and Briggs LO206 engine. Very fast package and has done very well last year across Mainland Series, with several race wins and a couple of lap records. Can sell together or separately, prices are as indicated.

Briggs & Stratton LO206 Kart Engine, done about 20hrs from new. Oil changes every two hours, clutch and carb cleaned after every meeting. New air filter at last meeting. Hasn't had any issues with gaskets letting go and have turned the clutch in-board to give a zero offset as per Briggs instructions. Comes with chassis mount, rain cover, sprocket, guard, chain and 15T sprocket (16t fitted to engine). $1700

2016 OTK Redspeed Rx rolling chassis. Great chassis, bought it last year to run in Briggs class and did me very well. New brake pads before last meeting and was fitted with new rear bumper and rear axle when I bought it. I owned a two Arrow chassis before this and the OTK is a far better chassis, much easier to setup. Would suit rotax, vortex dvs or briggs class. $2600

Two Kart trailer, will take two senior karts with room for tools up front, tyre racks up top on both sides of kart. Tows very well on the road. Will come with WOF and Rego on sale. $3900 ONO.

Happy to help with shipping around the South Island

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