Proposed Changes to Rules

Changes to Rules are proposed by Clubs or the Executive and considered by a Rules Sub Committee before being passed back to all Clubs for submissions. The Sub Committee then consider any submissions and make recommendations on the proposed rule changes to the Executive. The Executive consider these and if passed they are then adopted as a new rule. All information regarding this process, the schedule for submissions and any current proposed changes can be found here.


Rules Sub Committee Meeting and Submissions Schedule.

Rules Rounds are managed to tight deadlines and require on time submissions of proposals and responses. Below is the 2018 schedule.

The following is the timetable for Round 33:

Submissions from Clubs/Executive of proposed changes by 28-2-18
Rules Sub Committee Meeting One by 12-3-18
Original Club proposals (with redrafts if required) circulated to Clubs by 19-3-18
Responses from Clubs due by 1-5-18
Rules Sub Committee Meeting Two by 7-5-18
Executive Meeting Decisions published*by 31-5-18
Implementation date1-7-18
*Proposals which require further discussion at Conference
Executive meeting decisions by 30-11-18
Implementation date 1-1-19


The Codes, Rules and Specifications Sub Committee for 2018 comprises of:  Wayne Keats (Chair), Richard Moore, Anita Kinsman, Alex Grant, Ross Lee and John Keast.

The Sub-Committee has requested that all proposals to be typed and submitted on the Proposal Form in “MS Word” format only. This will allow for easier copying and pasting.

Please use the Proposal Form which is on the Downloads page.

The above timetable requires proposals and submissions to be received by the dates listed.

Obviously there will be issues (Technical, Safety, CIK catch up, Rotax updates, etc) which require a more immediate response. The Executive will continue to deal with these as current.

Proposed Changes to Rules

For any changes please use the Proposal Form which is on the Downloads Page.


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