Manual, Rule Updates and Notices

This page has important rules concerning the safety of KartSport, new and updated rules as they are introduced as well as important announcements from KartSport New Zealand.

The full KartSport New Zealand Manual that can be downloaded in Sections. For additional forms and documents go to the Downloads page.


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The MINI MANUAL plus your respective Engine Specification Section from Section N below is all you need to go racing.

KartSport New Zealand is currently in the process of transferring the Manual to new more web friendly software with the objective of no longer having to print an expensive hard copy version. Concurrent with this change the web version will always be up to date. As an interim measure key Sections are published below. The Manual Issue Record contains a summary of updates.

Manual Issue Record - Issue 2018-3 published 1-2-18

The Sections below are the latest versions:

Section A: Life Members, Executive, Appointments, Affiliated Bodies - Issue 2018-3
Section B: Constitution - Issue 2015-2
Section C: Judicial Code - Issue 2018-1

Section D: Eligibility - Issue 2017-3
Section E: Classes - Issue 2018-2
Section F: Health & Disability, Anti Doping Code & Intoxicating Liquor - Issue 2015-1
Section G: Equipment & Responsibility - Issue 2018-1
Section H: Flags - Issue 2017-1
Section J: Competition Rules, Start Finish Procedures - Issue 2018-1
Section K: Specifications Chassis - Issue 2018-1
Section L: Specifications General - Issue 2018-1
Section M: Technical Procedures - Issue 2017-1
Section N: Specifications Rule N1 100cc Yamaha KT100S Issue 2015-1
Section N: Specifications Rule N3 General Conduct of KZ2 - Issue 2018-1
Section N: Specifications Rule N4 General Requirements for KZ2 - Issue 2018-1
Section N: Specifications Rule N5 Controls and Tolerances for KZ2 - Issue 2017-1
Section N: Specifications Rule N6 KZ2 - Issue 2018-1

Section N: Specifications Rule N10 Vortex Kiwi Mini ROK - Issue  2017-1
Section N: Specifications Rule N11 Raket 85 - Issue 2015-2
Section N: Specifications Rule N12 Rotax FR125 Max - Issue 2018-1
Section N: Specifications Rule N13 Raket 120 - Issue 2015-2
Section N: Specifications Rule N14 Rotax FR125 Junior Max - Issue 2018-1
Section N: Specifications Rule N15  Briggs and Stratton LO206 Issue 2017-1
Section N: Specifications Rule N16 Rotax 125 Max DD2 - Issue 2018-1
Section P: Events - Issue 2018-2
Section Q: Events - General - Issue 2018-1
Section R: Event Preparation - Issue 2017-4
Section S: SuperKart - Issue 2018-1
Section T: Costs Fees and Levies - Issue 2018-1

Section V: Vintage Karting - Issue 2018-1

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Safety Rules

New & Updated Rules

Below are the rule changes made throughout each year. All changes refer to the latest KartSport New Zealand Manual.  All these changes are included in the Latest Manual Sections listed above.


Rule Changes 2017-1 published 14-3-17
Rule Changes 2017-2 published 31-5-17
Rule Changes 2017-3 published 12-7-17
Rule Changes 2017-4 published 16-8-17
Rule Changes 2017-5 published 1-9-17
Rule Changes 2017-6 published 16-11-17
Rule Changes 2017-7 published 21-12-17


Rule Changes Issue 2016-1 published 4-2-16
Rule Changes Issue 2016-2 published 9-3-16
Rule Changes Issue 2016-3 published 8-4-16
Rule Changes Issue 2016-4 published 11-5-16
Rule Changes Issue 2016-5 published 1-6-16
Rule Changes Issue 2016-6 published 12-7-16
Rule Changes Issue 2016-7C published 13-12-16
Rule Changes Issue 2016-8 published 1-12-16
Rule Changes Issue 2016-9 published 12-12-16
Rule Changes Issue 2016-10 published 22-12-16

Anti-Doping Notices

Safety Notices

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