KartSport New Zealand Inquiry - 100cc Yamaha Light Class, NZ National Sprint Championships, 8 April 2012

A KartSport New Zealand Inquiry was convened to review the actions of Ryan Urban following a racing incident during the final of the 100cc Yamaha Light race at the NZ Sprint Championships at Easter weekend in Hamilton. A Form of Complaint regarding the incident was issued but not served as Ryan Urban had left the site.

The Terms of Reference for the Inquiry were as follows:
  1. To review the actions of Ryan Urban following a racing incident during this race. (Note: Form of Complaint #411628 was issued but not served as R Urban had left the site.)
  2. Having considered item 1, determine whether there have been any breaches of KartSport New Zealand Regulations, Codes and Rules.
  3. If a breach(s) is found apply a penalty(s) in accordance with C5.3.10 or such other penalties as may be applicable.

Venue: Hotel Grand Chancellor, Auckland.

Inquiry Panel:
Graeme Moore (Chairman)
Lance Hickey
Brent Melhop

Inquiry Date : Friday 20th April 2012, 3.00pm.

Outcome : Ryan Urban found guilty in breach of G.1.9

Inquiry panel determined the following penalties which were endorsed for implementation by the KartSport New Zealand Executive on 23rd April 2012:
  1. Fine : $1,000 to be invoiced to Ryan Urban.
  2. Costs : Full costs as determined by Kartsport Administration Manager (since assessed at $1,500) be invoiced to Ryan Urban.
  3. Disqualification from the Event
  4. Licence Cancellation : Licence to be cancelled forthwith. Ryan Urban is not permitted to apply for any Kartsport licence before 01 July 2013
  5. Anger Management Counselling : Proof of attendance that an Anger Management course has been completed that meets the approval of KSNZ will be required before any licence application will be considered.
Click here to download the full Inquiry Report.

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