Help With Downloads

Files that are available for viewing, printing or downloading from this website are all in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

To view Adobe Acrobat PDF files you will require Acrobat Reader software which is available for download free from the Adobe website.

Some files on this site are available directly as PDF files and these can be opened for viewing and printing directly from the webpage (provided you have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer) while others have been compressed and appear as ZIP files.

These ZIP files contain the same Adobe Acrobat PDF format files, however they have been compressed into a ZIP format to make the files smaller and easier for download.

After downloading (i.e. saving the ZIP file to the hard drive on your computer) the file needs to be 'unzipped' or 'decompressed' using WinZip or some other expansion software (unless your operating system already supports this file format, such as Windows XP) so that you can then open the PDF file within.

Software for both WinZip and Acrobat Reader is available for download by clicking on these links.

Details on using these products is also available at the above links however if you experience any problems with these files or any downloads from this site please contact the webmaster.

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