Tyre Dope

From time to time there are rumours of competitors using so called "undetectable" performance enhancing Tyre Dope. KartSport New Zealand  regularly tests tyre samples at events for such substances  plus carries out testing of such products as they come to hand. To date our testing laboratory has detected all such products submitted for testing.

Competitors are reminded that, just like for fuel testing, the use of the MiniRae tyre sniffer is not mandatory before the taking of an actual sample for testing. Tyre (and fuel) samples may be taken at any time at an event including immediately prior to qualifying/heat 1.

Competitors are also reminded that for anyone who is proven to be using tyre treatment, penalties are severe (4 year suspension and $5000 fine) and will be enforced. Furthermore anyone making any unsubstantiated claims regarding the use of these products by other competitors could find themselves subject to judicial processes and penalty under rule C8.3.

Click here for a copy of a laboratory report from AsureQuality dated 15-5-13 

KartSport New Zealand