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KartSide-large.jpgRothbury Insurance Brokers Limited and Classic Cover Insurance, in conjunction with KartSport New Zealand, have developed a specialised comprehensive kart insurance package for KartSport New Zealand members. Known as KartSide, this package enables members to chose a level of insurance from 1 of 5 standard packages based on the value of the member's kart(s) and engine(s).

Karts have generally been difficult to insure due to insurance companies not having tailored policies. Often karts are treated as motor vehicles or sometimes added to home contents policies. Often insurance companies don't/won't understand what a kart is and its risk profile.

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Having selected the appropriate KartSide Level members automatically get cover up to $5,000 for a trailer plus cover for tools and spares up to $5,000. The trailer cover includes on road insurance.

So in a worst case scenario where your $10,000 kart/engines (Level 3 Option), trailer, tools and spares are stolen you could receive up to $20,000. The standard excess is $250.

The five KartSide Levels range from $5,000 up to $20,000. Higher limits, including those for trailers are available on request. In addition Tasman Insurance Consultants have entered into a sponsorship partnership with the KartSport Academy. For further details download the application form below or contact either Rothbury Insurance Brokers directly on 09 355 7347 or email garth.nielsen@rothbury.co.nz


Should you Insure Your Karting Gear ? 
By Paul Stead

Until my van, with most of James's kart gear inside, was stolen I presumed that my company insurance policy covered everything. Silly me! When the missing goods, not including the van, were totalled up, it was just over $24,000 and that didn't include the goods left at the track. With much pushing and shoving, my company insurance policy holder finally agreed to cover most of it, as it had all been bought by my business.

Try explaining to an insurance assessor that a motor that costs $1500 new is worth $4000 second hand !! Don't underestimate the hours you will need to spend with police, insurance investigators, finding all receipts, etc.
In our case the police were not interested, even with some strong leads supplied by a kart shop. We hired our own investigators and fortunately got back 60% of what was taken.

The key point of this article is that my insurance company no longer wants to have anything to do with insuring our karting gear. I have spoken with Rothbury Insurance Brokers about KartSide, and am about to take one of their policies. When you add up just how much your gear's worth it comes as a bit of a shock. The KartSide scheme has been specifically designed for karting gear and the rates are competitive. I recommend you insure your gear with KartSide now.

A big thanks to KartSide Insurance
By Grant Bristow

This is a big thanks to the Team at KartSide Insurance who recently helped me with a stolen engine. When asked to promote this product I was more than happy after their efforts. Losing a spare engine in the lead up to the North Islands is far from ideal and without their prompt service, I would have had to pay a substantial sum on top of everything else just to be able to run at all. KartSide acknowledged that a race engine is far from a depreciating asset and refunded accordingly.

For 15% of the cost of a new Yamaha engine, I can be completely covered by KartSide and I believe that if I had relied on simple contents insurance, it wouldn't have cut the mustard. So thanks to them again, and Maurice Frost who got me a new engine the night before qualifying.

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