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This Page contains Questions and Answers regarding the Vortex Kiwi Mini Rok engine. If you can't find a Question/Answer to you query below, please submit your Question on the form at the bottom of the Page. We will ask the right expert(s) and publish your Question and the Answer for all to see.

Will I be able to import my own engines?

No. All engines will be supplied via the NZ Distributor and a register of engine numbers will be maintained by the NZ Distributor and KartSport New Zealand.

How much is the engine?

For the first 100 engines sold: $2955.50 (incl GST). From then on until 31-12-15: $3070.50 (incl GST). Future price movements for both the engine and all spare parts are subject to a contract between KartSport New Zealand/OTK Kart Group srl/Supreme Kart Supplies.

What is included in the price?

Electric start engine including exhaust pipe/header, clutch with guard, float carburettor/fuel pump, intake silencer with foam filter, wiring loom with class specific electronic rpm limiter (Cadet 11,000 rpm & JR 14,000 rpm), battery and battery mount.

Where can I buy a new engine?

From your local kart shop providing it has a trading relationship with Supreme Kart Supplies.

When can I race the new engine?

From 1-1-14.

Will the engine fit my existing chassis?

Yes. It was a key criteria in the engine selection process that the new engine would be suitable for the current Cadet and Junior Restricted chassis stock.

Is it easy to convert the engine from Cadet ROK to Vortex Mini ROK class (and vice versa)?

Yes, very easy, Any competent person can do it. Just change the RPM limiter and exhaust header plus maybe retune the carburettor and adjust the gearing.

Will the new engine run within the existing Age Group classes?

The new engine will have its own specific class specifications respectively and at Championship events will run alone. However at Club and regional events both the old and new engines can run together, but be classified separately (eg Cadet ROK and Cadet Raket can run together).

Is there performance parity with the existing Age Group class engines?

While the respective performance of the new engine is similar to current class engines, the new engines will compete in their own new classes, so absolute parity is not a key requirement.

What extras will I need?

An engine mount. A support bracket for the exhaust. JR chassis normally come with an exhaust support mount. A special exhaust support mount has been developed for the Cadet Chassis. An extra spacer maybe required to lift the battery box above the brake cable on some brands of Cadet chassis. You will also need an overflow bottle for the carburettor.

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