Pictured at right is Michael Kinsman (standing) with Father, Brian working at the rear (this photo was taken in April 1983 at Palmerston North during the NZ Championships).

The Kinsmans have been involved in KartSport for over 30 years with father Brian racing during the 70's and Michael and brother Tony racing for many years during the 80's and 90's.

Michael continued to compete at the very top level in Kart #31 (pictured right) up until 2004.

There is now the third generation of Kinsman's racing. Michaels sons Mathew, who in 2002 competed in his first National Championship in the Cadet class (pictured below right in kart #30) plus younger brother Daniel who in 2008 won the NZ title in Formula Junior (pictured below left in kart # 31) are also now racing.

Michael now spends all his time supporting his two sons, with continued help from Brian.