Jay Urwin

Age:       13 years

Lives:     Matamata

School:  Matamata College

Club:      Tokoroa

Kart:       Hart Kart

Owner:                 Urwin Racing Limited

Sponsors:            Josh Hart Racing

How did you get into karting?

My Dad bought me a kart for Christmas and I have been driving ever since.

What do you love most about karting?

I loved racing Supernationals in Las Vegas as the challenge of a street circuit mixed with the best drivers from around the world is so much fun.

Who is your major influence in the sport?

My family and Josh Hart keep pushing me to learn more and also keep it fun.

Who do you look up to in karting or other spheres?

Lorenzo Travissanuto who is 3-time World Karting Champion in OK senior and KZ2

What are your goals in the sport? 

To become a professional kart driver in Europe

What are your major achievements so far?

2019 Rotax Micro Max Grand Finals Champion (Sarno, Italy)

2018 Supernationals Las Vegas Heat winner

2021 National Schools Champion in Vortex ROK DVSJ and 125cc Rotax Max Junior (first time someone has won both)