Zach Tucker

DOB:      19 December 2010          

Live:       Prebbleton - Christchurch            

School   Medbury                            

Club:      KartSport Canterbury        

Kart:      Aluminous         

Sponsors:            Econx – Automation & Secuirty 

How did you get into karting?

Mum and Dad got me a kart for Christmas when I turned 6. I was riding dirt bikes before that but really wanted to have a go at karting.

What do you love most about karting?

I love the competition and the challenge of trying to be perfect every lap. I love mixed-grid racing.

Who is your major influence in the sport?

Matt Hamilton because he knows so much about racing and setting up a kart.

Who do you look up to in karting or other spheres?

I would like to be a Supercars driver like Shane Van Gisbergen.

What are your goals in the sport?

To represent New Zealand in Italy or overseas and really hope to race in Australia in 2022 if we can. I am looking forward to going to Jnr Rotax because it looks like a real challenge.


NZ #1 2022 National Sprint Championships - Vortex Mini ROK

NZ #1 2021 National Sprint Championships - Vortex Mini ROK

1st City of Melbourne Titles, Australia

1st 2022 National Schools Championship

2nd National Schools Championships

2 x South Island Sprint Championships

3 x Mainland Series Championships

1 x ROK Cup NZL Series Championship

1 x Goldstar Series Championship