Official Digital Platform Supplier: Sportsground Ltd - Sporty

Updated: 28 Aug 2020

KartSport New Zealand is pleased to announce that they have appointed Sportsground Ltd as the official digital platform supplier. is the largest platform in New Zealand providing websites, online registrations, member management, competition management and eCommerce solutions to the sports and education sectors. 

Over half of all sports clubs and associations, as well as over a thousand Kiwi schools, actively use and This cloud-based technology makes it easy to manage, administer and participate in sport and education at all levels.

Sportsground is the digital partner of Speedway New Zealand, New Zealand Rugby Union, Netball New Zealand, New Zealand Football, Touch NZ and over Fifty other national sports organisations, Sporty has over 500,000 registered users and are the most popular platform for organising sport in New Zealand.

Stage Two:

Following the successful implementation of a new Sporty website, EDM management tools and registration forms, scoping was conducted lead by Executives Dee Workman and Brent Melhop that resulted in Sportsground Ltd being awarded Stage Two of the pathway to a fully digital online environment for karters, clubs, officials and management.

The decision to contract Sporty was made easier by virtue of their organisations' singleminded focus on sport, the recent implementation of similar licencing solutions etc for Speedway coupled with attractive pricing and payment options. A key objective of this project has been to identify opportunities for technology, and in particular, the online licencing solution that will significantly reduce administrative workload and improve the experience of participants in the sport of KartSport.

The focus was placed upon removing duplication, increasing timeliness and streamlining driver licensing and member management. Consideration was also given to the challenges faced by the clubs that are affiliated with KSNZ around the country. The implementation of Sporty products and processes will ensure administrative processes are significantly improved resulting in greater efficiencies that translate into an improved experience for competitors, officials, clubs, KSNZ and its stakeholders.

Project Scope Includes:

  1. National deployment of Sporty online registration system for licence applications and renewals.
  2. Use of SuperCRM Customer Relationship Management system as the national KSNZ database.
  3. Digital licenses and logbooks for KartSport competitors (Mobile App).
  4. Digital interface for KartSport Officials to use at race events (Mobile App).
  5. Local deployment of online forms for club membership applications and renewals (optional).​​​​​​​

    The Directors and/or Shareholders of Sportsground Ltd​​​​​​​ - Wayne Norrie (Chair), Jo Perry, Mike Purchas, Sir Stephen Tindall, Hamish Whyte, John Stace, Sir Graeme Avery

    CEO of Sportsground Ltd, Mike Purchas, says he is thrilled to be working with KSNZ. “Our mission is to deliver smart technology that helps people organise sport & education communities. The Kartsport New Zealand project falls right into our sweet spot, especially given the commitment already made by Speedway NZ to this space, so I would like to acknowledge that.” 

    “We’ve seen a professional and measured approach from KSNZ towards a digital transformation that is intended to improve and future-proof the sport for years to come. We take our role of ‘technology partner’ seriously and we’re excited to be starting this long term relationship that goes way beyond a website and database,” Purchas said

    Sporty Integration Stage One

    Initial implementation of Sporty solutions and products included the following:

    Website and Content Management System (CMS): Initial design and construction to replace the old KartSport New Zealand Website no longer supported. The website and CMS are constructed within a page template framework to make it easy to update and automatically compatible for common modern browsers on desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Content is managed by management logging in and adding content blocks called ‘widgets’ within sections on a page.

    Graphic Design: Initial graphic design elements created and applied and content layout implemented.. Content is currently under review by the KartSport web management team Content Transfer: KartSport support team and Sportsground transferred content and general navigation structure of your existing website to a new website on the platform.eNewsletters: The eNewsletter facility designed and implemented that allows group email of news items, formatted into an attractive email body for multiple applications and databases.

    Online Registrations and databases: The online registration service installed with a form builder facility that delivers web input forms that people can complete for the purpose of registration, surveys etc. 

    Intranet/Members Only: implemented Intranet/Members only feature enables one or more pages to be private, whereby they are only visible to people who enter a password.

    Mobile App: Members can go to the app store and download the ‘Sporty NZ’ mobile app for free, then set it to Kartsport New Zealand and or individual Clubs. Members need to do this once and the App then automatically displays logo, colours and content from KartSport New Zealand and or Club Sporty website. A fully customised Mobile App option extra is available for Clubs, where people can search for a Sporty Subscribed KartSport Club through the Apple Store or Google Play and your app will install on their mobile phones under your own logo.

    Contact - Enquiries:​​​​​​​

    KartSport Executive Vice President and Sporty Project Leader Brent Melhop have been an integral part of the Sporty implementation since the briefing documents and RFP was initially mooted and in 2018.

    • Many of the Sporty tools are free for Clubs and enhanced add-ons available if desired at very reasonable pricing levels.
    • Enquiries please contact Brent Melhop

    Sporty Data Security

    This link is intended for IT decision-makers and provides information about how the platform uses Microsoft Azure to help address compliance, security and privacy requirements.

    Click HERE