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Introduction and background: Sportsground Ltd 

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There are so many Sporty options, so much cool stuff, paperless, less human error, heaps of volunteer time saved, cloud based, multi-user, digital memberships, newsletters and more, check it all out HERE.

What are some of the tools you can get for your Club through Sporty?

At this point each Club is using what functionality they want to use and are weighing up the cost compared to manually doing things (at KartSport Nelson the time this saves our volunteers far outweighs the cost).  i.e. Nelson use the Digital ID Membership Cards and we also pay for the 50 forms so we can set up the forms we want to use without having to re-use the 2 free ones.  The free Sporty features for all Clubs is:-

  • Website
  • Free Subsites
  • 2 free forms
  • Free Newsletter
  • Free unlimited document, image and media storage.
  • Free Sporty Mobile App, which you can also push notifications through to.

A standard Race Day form can be set up, each Club can set it, and then would only need to set up once, and then copy it each time, change the Club Day dates and supplementary rules if they change and then invite registrants from the previous club day by the click of a button.  

KSNZ is currently working on stage 2 for online licencing, permits etc. and this will be a substantial cost for the bespoke part of this stage and will be through the Sporty functionality and will streamline and take away a substantial amount of volunteer time.

And What Will It Cost Our Club You Ask?

The cost will depend on how many tools you would like to use.  For example, Nelson uses the Digital ID for Membership and also the 50 extra forms which we gather information with.  Our annual cost is $330 (Excl).  Compare $330 against a volunteer's hours (time spent) on manually processing membership and Club Day information, there is a significant saving and at the same time, everything is inside Sporty where any of your administrators/committee members can have access.

All the information about the free stuff and paid options is HERE

If you are not sure about anything or have questions, or simply need a little help, please contact Dee to book a time and she can log on to your computer via Teamviewer and show you around or how to utilise different areas inside the dashboard.

Have you considered some of the paid features but the cost is putting your Club off?  This is an area you can apply for funding, there are many funding pathways out there where you can apply for this type of administration.  Contact Brent and he can point you in the right direction and provide guidance on how to apply.

Practice & Club Day Registrations

If you don't already have an online registration form for your practice days or Club Days, now is the time to jump on board with KartSports Sporty NZ.  You get 2 free forms which you can use.  If you want more you can purchase more, however, you can re-use your 2 free ones. 

One idea is to set up a form for your Club Days, and after each Club Day, you can download all the data into excel and save to your computer, simply copy the form to start the next Club Day week and you can push the new Club Day Registration through to everyone who registered for the previous one and they will receive an email and link to register without having to complete every single detail.

Don't know where to start or how to get all the free tools available to your Club?  SImply click HERE and you will come to the page below where you can find your Club.  If you Club is there you can click on it to find out who has the login details.  If your Club isn't there, it simply has a button to click on where you can add it.

Sporty NZ Dashboard

Once you get into Sporty you will see a dashboard like the one below and you will discover all the tools your Club can use:-

  • Website - FREE
  • Documents and Media - FREE storage and you can share files on your website, even if you are not using a Sporty website you can still use the documents and media area and then link to your website or comms.
  • Images - FREE storage to use and link to websites and comms.
  • Online Registrations - 2 FREE forms you can use and if you want more it then costs money.
  • News & eNewsletters - FREE
  • Knowledge Library
  • Technical Support