Rules Rounds and Schedule For Submissions/Approval

Changes to Rules are proposed by Clubs or the Executive and considered by a Rules Sub Committee before being passed back to all Clubs for submissions. The Sub Committee then consider any submissions and make recommendations on the proposed rule changes to the Executive. The Executive considers these and if passed they are then adopted as a new rule. All information regarding this process, the schedule for submissions and any current proposed changes can be found on this page.

Rules Committee Chairman is Darren Johnson (Either Island Representative) ‭0212407960‬

Round 37 Rule Proposals Can Be viewed Here

​​​​​​​Please take the time to read & contact your club should you have any input.

Rules Sub Committee Meeting and Submissions Schedule.

Rules Rounds are managed to tight deadlines and require on-time submissions of proposals and responses. Below is the 2022 schedule.

The following is the timetable for Rules Round 37:

Submissions from Clubs/Executive of proposed changes  

by 17-2-22

Rules Sub Committee Meeting One

by 14-3-22

Original Club proposals (with redrafts if required) circulated to Clubs

by 21-3-22

Responses from Clubs due

by 2-5-22

Rules Sub Committee Meeting Two

by 9-5-22

Executive meeting decisions published*

by 31-5-22

Implementation date


* Proposals that require further discussion

at Conference

Implementation date


The Codes, Rules and Specifications Sub Committee comprises of Darren Johnson (Chair), Tiffany Chittenden, Matt Broughan, Brian Lotter, John Keast and Alex Grant.

The Sub-Committee has requested that all proposals be submitted by clicking on the button below.

The above timetable requires proposals and submissions to be received by the dates listed.