Promotional Sponsorship Program

Information for Promotional Partners. Driver event and entry information HERE


The iKartSport Racing series is enjoyed by KartSport New Zealand's nationwide members and our 10,000 plus social media followers.

iKartSport online virtual SIM Racing series is the new and innovative home for members, friends, family, and the general public to engage in the KartSport experience for little or no cost other than the SIM equipment they chose to purchase.

On any given week iKartSport hosts everyone from rookies, junior drivers, masters to international heroes the likes of Scott McLaughlin, Brendon Hartley, Shane van Gisbergen and more who join for two hours of hard-out SIM racing on the world-leading iRacing platform. Feature meetings and or finals are live-streamed to a global audience courtesy of our friends and supporters a SIM Speed TV

Currently, over 400 members belong to the iKartSport league group hosted on the iRacing platform and its own Facebook group. The live streaming is distributed on both SIM Speed TV and KartSport’s Facebook page e.g Our iKartsport Bathurst event including our patron Scott Mclaughlan

Chocolate Fish Racing:

Currently, the iKartSport league is focussing on appealing to the broadest possible market with most races free to enter and the management and hosting costs funded by sponsorship. Created during Covid19 Level 4 as an alternative to on-tarmac events the support from players and sponsors has been overwhelming and the program continues to go from strength to strength

How to get involved, Racing and or sponsorship:

  1. Interested in Racing? Visit the iKartSport page HERE & join the league on Facebook HERE
  2. Interested in sponsorship?  Many promotional partners have enjoyed massive exposure to KartSports, 10,000 followers through either cash or more commonly Koha/In-Kind contributions of product for auction or similar. Contact Event Manager HERE 

​​​​​​​Where KartSport Kids Race Their Heroes In Real-Time!

IKartSport racing on any given week has boys/girls, mums/dads, professional karters/race drivers even a number of KartSpprt officials climb into their SIM's and all join the fun online

Formats & Management

Presentation Format:

Usually, a three to 5 round series with racing hosted once a week in the iRacing platform. Depending on the level of promotional partnership sponsorship either the final of each multi-round series is live-streamed or each of the feature races is streamed or with professional commentary. Our lead commentator is KartSport legend Tony Chambers who welcomes guests to the commentary box including spokespersons for our promotional partners as well as celebrities and karters/SIM racers themselves with live feeds to drivers and in-car cameras. Tony admits to being far better on the track than in a SIM but is no slouch on the Discord microphone

Race control, practice sessions, server management and race day member "format poles" is managed by KartSport Technical Officer Travis Smith from his Dunedin technical wonderland.  Travis often pops in for a race or two being pretty good at the wheel as well as the tools.

Overall Product, Business Management and marketing is handled by KartSport's President Graeme Moore

Guests, Magazine Features and PR:

Each week features a guest into the commentary box, sometimes a current karter, sometimes and ex karter likes of Madeline Stewart, sometimes a global name. The Commentary team often also includes world-renowned karter and drivers the likes of David Sera, Tiffany Chittenden, Simeon Evans to name but a few. 

KartSport's Public Relations Team lead by Ross MacKay pushes event and celebrity guest stores through all major media channels bother local and global e.g Anderson Brothers Dominate Tasman Karts iKartSport Series ​​​​​​​

Race Format:

This changes with each series and is normally kept as simple and cheap as possible if not free. See the iKartSport league on Facebook for the latest race formats. Looking to race?  Full details on the iKartSport page HERE