Welcome to iKartSport (SIM Racing).    (Join the league followers on FACEBOOK)

Welcome to iKartSport, virtually just as much fun as feeling the wind on your face, the thrill of the chase and pain in your arms and ribs on a KartSport New Zealand track. KartSport is first and foremost a family sport, built on a foundation of club days, camaraderie, and yes healthy fun, fair competition and our mission with the iRacing SIM-based "iKartSport" events are really no different. No big prizes for who wins, no trips to the World Champs, just good Club Day fun in the true spirit of KartSport.

Just like a Club Day you may be on track with a totally new chum, and with iKartSport, you might even be racing one of our KartSport officials, you might be on track with a national champion or you might even be on track with an international star. Anyone can play, KartSport members, family, and friends. Share the love, share this LINK, visit our Facebook Group, have fun. #ikartsport

Stage One

To get our iKartSport started we are going to keep it real simple and would love your help and feedback.   Feel free to comment or message us on our KartSport Facebook page or email us direct HERE. Any more questions go to our discord https://discord.gg/w7Dd4N7.   

When and What Do We Race:

  • Every other Tuesday night at 7.00. p.m. dates and details on the league Facebook page. 
  • Join the league followers on FACEBOOK 
  • Please visit our Discord page, that is the HUB where we share feedback and advice. Going to suck it and see how we go with the first  few rounds so go easy on us if we dont get everything perfect first up. More challenging leagues, kart only races, celebrity guests, interclub and more on the horizon but in the meantime we just want to have some fun that isn't too serious!
  • Format's change as do vehicles for latest details see the league followers on FACEBOOK 
  • Setups are as simple as possible and fixed so no going mad and obsessing over demon-tweaks or spending all your cash on the latest gadgets and gear like you normally do at your local kart shop!
  • This is Chocolate Fish Racing: A fun way to start and with the simple base settings meant very level playing field.
  • Any questions go to our discord https://discord.gg/w7Dd4N7.  or our iKartSport Facebook page.

Get started?

What Gear Do I Need?:

Well, the good news is you can race in your pajamas but yes you will need some equipment and anyone can race....

Not sure if you have the gear to run iRacing?

  1. Computer compatible and or need new gear: Check  computer system requirements to ensure you have enough horsepowere to run iRacing HERE 
  2. Recommended Wheels and Controls click HERE
  3. Web Cam: If you are wanting to use a web cam here is the link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/4259543040

What comes with IRacing membership? Click HERE​​​​​​​

Most current-generation PCs will perform effectively on iRacing.com. In the event that a member owns an older computer, an upgraded graphics card could potentially be all that is required to enable the iRacing online driving simulator to operate successfully. Mac users can run iRacing using Windows on Bootcamp.

However, the member will require a controller to enjoy the full range of experiences afforded by iRacing’s racing simulator. Currently, there are several options available, accommodating nearly any budget. A host of steering wheel/pedal combos, gamepads, joysticks, mouse-based control systems, and any version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, supporting touch screen driving are compatible with iRacing.com.

For the most intense online racing experience, however, iRacing suggests a force-feedback steering wheel/pedal control system, when compared with other types of controllers. Some suggested, readily available forced feedback/pedal sets combo are listed below.

iRacing also supports many Virtual Reality headsets including popular models from Oculus and HTC.

All You Need To Know Is On The iRacing Site HERE

Who, How to Join iKartSport - IRacing & What Does It Cost?

  • Open to all Karters, Family and friends.

  • Iracing memberships are a monthly subscription

  • New members your first subscription is 50% off

  • 1 month would be $6.50usd   (Regular Price: $13usd), 3 months would be $16.50usd   (Regular Price: $33usd), 1 year would be $55usd   (Regular Price: $110usd), 2 years would be $99.50usd   (Regular Price: $199usd) So if you are a real pessimist and expect the lockdown to a really long time buy the two year package!

  • What comes with membership? 25 cars are included with the membership and free practice

How to Sign up to Iracing.

  1. Go to this page
  2. Choose a Membership option - First time is 50% off so make it count
  3. Enter sign up Details etc
  4. After signing up go to the members site iRacing.com™ Motorsport Simulations: Log in
  5. Download the game and the cars and tracks you have

Signing up to the iKartSport NZ league.

  1. Go to the members site https://members.iracing.com/membersite/member/Home.do​​​​​​​
  2. Hover over the leagues tab and click league directory
  3. Once in the search box - search Kartsport NZ
  4. Click the blue view button
  5. Once you are on the league page click the Apply to This league (in Blue)
  6. Join the hosted race.

Joining the iKartSport League race

  1. On the members site you will hover over hosted and click join race2. You will find the race with KSNZ in the title or hosted by Travis Smith8
  2. Click the green button with the steering wheel to sign up.
  3. At the top right of your browser it will have a green yellow and red buttons
  4. Click on the green button that says join the session.
  5. Iracing should the load up you will be in the session.

Any more questions go to our discord https://discord.gg/w7Dd4N7.  Comment on our iKartSport Facebook page.   #ikartsport

Penalties - Subject to change without notice....

You knew their had to be some right! We will be using the Iracing system where you have incident points.

  • Off track: you get a 1x.
  • Lose control of your car: you get a 2x
  • Make contact with another car: you get a 4x
  • Idiot Level: when you reach a certain amount of incident points (Say 50) you will receive a stop go penalty. For example if you receive  17x you suck up a stop go penalty and then for every 17x after that it's another stop go. Be Kind People!
  • Stop Go: 30 seconds!

Who Do We Thank?

Our sponsors as always, please be kind and support them like no other!  Series management lets thank: Travis Smith, KartSport volunteer, Technical Official and Certified Sim Racing addict has kindly assisted president Graeme Moore to create this fledgling iKartSport program. Graeme by the way can't drive a finger up his own nose but he desperately wants to keep everyone race-ready for the COVID19 comeback!

We realize it is early days and there is a heap we could do to build on it and improve so please don't hold back, If you have anything nice and helpful to say please do so on our KartSport Facebook page or message Travis or Graeme direct.    #ikartsport

Dillon Photography iKartSport 3 Round Series: 21 Jul – 25 August

Background & Sponsor

3 Round Series, livestreamed by SIM Speed TV fortnightly over 6 weeks Tuesdays 28 July, 11 Aug and 25 Aug

The next 3 round series is backed by award winning photographer Chris Dillon. World renowned photographer Chris has a unique ability to capture stunning images that bring out the best of any subject, be it the bonds between families which we in Kartsport and Motorsport  know so well, to corporate events and of course his stunning take on the automotive world being the goto photographer for Audi New Zealand, Porsche, Ferrari, Subaru, RYCO 247 V8 Ute series, Hampton Downs Motorsport Park and many more.

Chris makes that lens capture the personalities of car, driver, spectator and now perhaps you and your car or kart?

Dillon Photography Photoshoot Auction

Chris has kindly donated a professional 3 hour shoot to the value $1,200 to use however you wish. Perhaps a session with driver kart and team for sponsorship proposals, a montage of collectibles of your race car or classic automobile. Chris also has the only carbon fibre car camera rig in New Zealand for images that defy belief. This package is big enough to include a camera rig shoot and stills photography of any vehicle. You may wish to use the shoot for something else… Family photo session, corporate event, engagement shoot. Chris is open to accommodating your photographic requests.

Look for more information shortly on the iKartSport SIM racing program and for the shoot to go live as a Trademe auction soon. LINK TBA

https://www.instagram.com/dillonphotonz/  Please Give Dillon Photography a follow on Instagram.



Dillon Photography Gt3 Series


Mclaren MP4-12c GT3

Bmw Z4 GT3

Mercedes AMG GT3

Audi R8 LMS

Ferrari 488 GT3


NurburgRing Grand Prix - 28/07/2020

Watkins Glen - Boot - 4/08/2020

Sebring International Raceway - 11/08/2020


Fixed - Baseline


Qualifying at 7pm for race 1

5min Practice to give people time to join

Open qualifying 20 minutes

This will give you your grid position for Race 1

Race 1

This will be put up straight after qualifying

You will have a 5 minutes practice to join the session

8 laps normal grid draw

Race 2

This will be put up straight after Race 1

You will have a 5 minutes practice to join the session

8 laps Reverse grid draw from the results in race 1

Race 3

This will be put up straight after Race 2

You will have a 5 minutes practice to join the session

8 laps Random grid draw



You will get points based on you finishing position 1st = 1  2nd = 2  3rd = 3 ect….

If you do not join a race you will get a dns and it will be the field size +2

Damage will be on

Safety Car

There will only be a safety car if there is a big incident on the first lap as we are only doing small races

Penalty at 25x

Manual penalties for anyone who causes an accident and gains an advantage from it.

Rolling Start

The field can not start accelerating until the green flag drops. This is to prevent accidents before the racing starts

There will be a practice session every Friday and Monday night