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Hi, I am Chris Cox, based in Rangiora, Canterbury. I started karting in 2005 at the age of 10. Over the years I have competed across the country at most major events with many ups and downs, successes and defeats. I have had experience across almost all KartSport grades and a handful of motorsport car racing grades. I still enjoy karting and seeking to win titles but spend more time now working with drivers to pursue their racing goals. Training still takes me around the country and in some cases overseas. I thoroughly enjoy working with drivers and have had some great success in the process which makes it even more rewarding.

To provide all aspects of kart driver coaching for drivers of all ages, experiences, budgets and goals. To provide this in the most feasible, fun and friendly way to maximize enjoyment, learning and progress.

Understanding of simple and complex driving techniques
Understanding of mental approach to racing
Understanding of kart setup
Understanding and assisting the ability of drivers to ‘read the kart’ and feedback
Understanding of data acquisition and its role in the development of both driver, chassis and engine tuning
Ability to communicate with drivers of all ages and experience

1x National Champion
2x National Schools Champion
10x South Island Champion
Multiple Championship and round wins across events such as Blossom, Sunbelts, Garden Cities, WPKA Goldstar, Rotax Max Challenge, ProKart, Mainland Series

I started coaching in 2008 at a very low level. This was simple training on track to assist fellow competitors to improve. My main coaching role was established around 2011. It takes a lot to understand the principles of coaching but over the years I have certainly learnt the do and don’ts. I have worked with drivers of all ages and levels, whether it be to improve personal best lap times, learn a new track or compete for a title. I have successfully worked alongside drivers to win National and South Island titles. I have coached drivers across almost all New Zealand tracks and a couple of times accompanied drivers to competitions across the ditch. I feel my role as a coach extends to more than simply how to drive. The external aspects, such as, confidence, mental approach, kart setup and more are what makes Karting so challenging but also ultimately rewarding at the end of the day